Igor Cornelsen Is Always Exploring The World Of Stock Buying And Foreign Investing

Some people have looked at the world of investing and seen it as a world full of traps and only being for the elite who have deep knowledge of finance. Some may not like it due to all the fees that brokers and financial planners collect, or because the stock market can cause sudden reactions from investors. But investing is actually a vital component to building savings for future endeavors. That’s why Igor Cornelsen is actively working today to help investors understand the benefits of investing.

Igor Cornelsen is quite clear that while investing in stocks, bonds or mutual funds certainly takes risk on your part, it is not gambling. Good stock buyers go into it very certain of what their buying and are able to avoid impulsive decisions. Finding good stocks isn’t about just knowing which stocks are currently hot. Cornelsen says you need to find low priced stock that comes from a new and innovative company, but you should look closely at their corporate structure and make sure you’re buying into a stable company. You also need to avoid the temptation to buy the shares in just one company stock and spread your portfolio around to allocate your assets and readjust it as needed.

Igor Cornelsen became the financial expert he is today through years of experience in Brazil’s banks. He managed the portfolios of both domestic and international clients, and he became a major consultant for Brazil’s Finance and Economics government department. Today he’s retired and usually takes up blogging and tweeting about investments as purely a hobby. But he does encourage American investors to learn about what Brazil has to offer and consider investing in that country. It does take some familiarity with their securities trading laws, and you do need to pay attention to politics, but Cornelsen says it’s certainly worth it.

Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie Outlines Future Strategy For Pizza Company

As the new CEO of Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie is determined to stake out the differences between the pizza he is selling versus “all the others.” In a recent interview, Ritchie said a lot of people don’t know that Papa John’s is the only major pizza delivery service that never makes its pizza crust from frozen dough. It’s “fresh-raised” and baked right before delivery.

Steve Ritchie also wants millions of people to know that Papa John’s sauce is never made from tomato paste or tomato concentrate. Rather, this company sources vine-ripened tomatoes from California central valley farms that are fresh canned. That, along with six simple ingredients, makes for a vastly superior pizza taste and experience, he said.

Speaking of experience, Stevie Ritchie believes that building on customer experience with his firm will be a key to its long-term success. He said that customers want delicious pizza, but they also want their experience with the provider to be positive from the first point of contact to the last morsel is eaten.

To that end, Papa John’s is investing in technology like never before. It plans to have the most efficient ordering and delivery system in the industry. That includes super convenient online ordering via smartphone or home computer. Steve Ritchie said they have also bolstered their rewards program. He noted that Papa John’s was the first pizza delivery company to implement a rewards program.

Steve Ritchie has been with Papa John’s for 22 years. His first job was as a pizza delivery man for $6 an hour. In 10 years he worked his way up to owning his own franchise. He went on to be named the company’s Chief Operations Officer. Now as CEO he brings the experience of a man who knows the business from top to bottom.

Meet Matthew Fleeger: A Talented and Dedicated Leader

If you are an ardent reader, you must have come across the name Gulf Coast Western, LLC. It is actually the managing Venture of the famous Oil & Gas Partnerships, which is also called Joint Ventures. The ambition of this great company is to develop, acquire, and explore domestic oil as well as gas reserves. To achieve this, the company intends to combine talent, experience, resources as well as industry know-how.

This company mainly focuses on the reserves at the Gulf Coast, United States. Mainly, it pays attention to the features with geological and even geophysical benefits in addition to the well-developed structures. Matthew Fleeger works as the President as well as the Chief Executive Officer of this great company. The company has made immense achievements due to the open as well as transparent relationships based on the respect and trust gotten as a result of working with honesty as well as integrity.

More about the company

Gulf Coast Western was started in the year 1970. The family-owned company is situated in Dallas. It is situated in Colorado, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. Its footprint has expanded via two main partnerships. One of these partners, Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration, has actually acquired assets of the Orbit Energy Partners situated in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Research and exploration

Gulf Western usually focuses on exploration as well as acquisition activities in the area of the Gulf Coast. This area is not only rich in gas and oil, but also there is enough space for expansion. The company has the ambition of expanding their activities to other parts of the United States.

Matthew Fleeger is a graduate from the Southern Methodist University. He graduated from this great institution with a degree in Business Administration. He majored in finance and marketing during his undergraduate education. He utilised the skills learnt in the oil as well as gas companies.



Jojo Hedaya is the co-founder and CEO of Unroll me. He acquired a B.A in Philosophy, Business from the City University of New York Brooklyn College where he had studied from 2010-2012.

Jojo grew up in New York, but at some point in his life, he traveled to Yeshiva, Israel to study and it is here that he met his co-founder and friend, Rosenwald. When asked where the idea for the very innovative and successful company Unroll me came from, he explains it in a story stating that he and Rosenwald used to communicate via emails, but for some reason, the latter never got back to him.

This went on for a while, and when he finally confronted him about it, Rosenwald was really remorseful. His major complaint was that the emails somehow got jumbled up with the newsletters and ads and therefore he never had the time to sort through all that mess and get the important emails.

This, therefore, gave them the idea to form a solution to this problem and hence Unroll me was born. Jojo formed this when he was only 22, with very minimal entrepreneurial skills, as well as the required business acumen, but he did anyway and today it is a major success.

Jojo Hedaya is an entrepreneur who is passionate about what he does and when questioned, he states that his game plan involves mainly two arms, execution and simplicity.

He states that it is of fundamental importance for one to hire a highly skillful and talented team, a team made of individuals that know what they are doing, are good at it, and are passionate about it.

Jojo states that it is important to have a positive surrounding in the work area; an environment filled with nothing but positivity as well as fostering teamwork, and he does this and so much more, including the mentoring of the people he works with.

He is also a strong advocate for having an open mind, being open to the fact that one can learn in as much as they are also teaching others and this too is fundamental. He proceeded to make the wise business decision to sell the Unroll me company to the global company known as Slice, where he is working as Chief product and consumer officer, and this is good for him as it gives him time to grow more in as far as the business world is concerned as well as learning new skills.


Jojo Hedaya is clearly an inspiration to young people, showing them that one can be young and still very successful or rather can achieve anything at any age. He has done it so why not?

A Closure Look At Fashion & Makeup Designer Doe Deere

Are you generally interested in makeup products as well as fine jewelry? Have you ever heard of a woman by the name of Doe Deere? Doe Deere is a name that has grown substantially over a span of 10 years. She made her professional debut back in 2008. This debut consisted of her very own cosmetics line. Lime Crime was its name and offering vividly bold colors was its game. This particular company reached all-star status fairly quickly. Deere used her brilliance to carve out a niche that was once void of direction. “I’ve always had a thing for bright and bold colors,” said Deere. Lime Crime would go on to become a cult-favorite as it sold various forms of lip stick, foundation, hair dye, glitter, eyeliner and other makeup products. On top of that, Deere’s brand was 100 percent against animal cruelty.

Fast-forward to today and Doe Deere has now come out with a phenomenal jewelry collection. This jewelry collection is inspired by the Victorian era. Poppy Angeloff has her full-attention these days as Deere has sold her share of Lime Crime equity to start to a new business venture. Doe Deere moved to New York City with her mother and baby sister. “My mother was an accomplished accountant back in Russia, but she struggled to find work in America,” said Deere. Deere’s mother would clean apartments to earn income. Her sister would also watch the neighbor’s cats for extra cash. The family would get a break from the harshness of reality, and this break would come in the form of a woman.

Dorchen Leidholdt, a lawyer and feminist, would help the family get on their feet by opening a few doors. Dorchen played an enormous role in helping Doe Deere transition into the woman that you see today.


Robert Ivy: Promoting The Understanding Of Professional Associations

Numbering over 92,000 and membership drawn from virtually every industry and profession, professional and trade associations are potent entities capable of influencing policies and shaping the career trajectory of individual members.

According to Robert Ivy, the American Institute of Architects’ CEO and executive vice president, professional associations come with numerous perks and opportunities that can propel industries and individual professionals to greater heights. He notes that these associations have a greater policy advocacy power through political lobbying and swaying the views of policymakers. However, he contends that its membership size determines the advocacy capability of any professional association. Robert Ivy also points out that joining such associations gives professionals the needed credibility when it comes to seeking new employment opportunities within or outside your current workstation. Robert Ivy, who was the 2018 Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award honoree, asserts that belonging to the associations is a sign of commitment to uphold ethical values, standards, and trends.

New Learning Ideas

For those seeking to learn new ideas, professional and trade associations have a considerable wealth of information that members can access in print and soft copies including webinars, journals, and websites. Members can also establish professional networks during conferences, workshops, and meetings organized by their associations. Such networks usually come in handy, especially when seeking a new employment opportunity.

Factors to Consider when Selecting an Association

For many professionals, joining a professional association comes with only two options either you’re in or out. Such individuals usually have one association to choose. However, other professions are spoiled for choices when it comes to joining an association. For such individuals, they can enjoy the perks of more than one association. According to Robert Ivy, a Tulane University alumnus where he studied his Master’s in Architecture degree, some professional associations such as AIA charge different membership fees depending on the membership level or chapter. While such fees, payable annually, can be paid the employers, other professionals pay them individually. In addition to his executive duties at AIA, is also an author. He previously served as the editor for Architectural Record. Under his leadership, the magazine won numerous awards.

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GreenSky Credit focuses on high-end borrowers

Among the tech companies that have fared the worst are those that have attempted to shoehorn starry-eyed utopian principles into otherwise viable business models. Many times, the socialist tendencies of these startups’ founders are hard to ignore. Some particularly egregious examples of this can be seen in the fintech sector, where companies like Lending Club and OnDeck thought that they could teach the banking sector, which has a 500-year-old business model, a thing or two about solid lending practices. They were wrong.

The problem with the lending business is that there is little margin for error. Even one bad loan can wipe out an entire year’s worth of profits for smaller lenders. That’s why the credit-scoring system came about in the first place. It is absolutely imperative for those issuing unsecured loans to take account of the risk level of the borrowers. Any banker who makes a practice of lending to bums will soon find himself at the soup kitchen.

GreenSky Credit is one of the few fintech startups mature enough to recognize this timeless reality. Rather than originating NINJA loans for street people and drug addicts, GreenSky Credit prudently focused in on the crème of the prime borrowing market: homeowners.

GreenSky Credit connects homeowners who are looking to renovate their properties with lenders who are eager to find high-credit-score borrowers to pad their books. GreenSky Credit has helped homeowners, banks and general contractors make tens of billions of dollars in deals over the last 15 years that simply wouldn’t have otherwise taken place.

David Zalik, the CEO of GreenSky Credit, says that he was then able to expand his company’s operations to the realm of other big-ticket items. Today, GreenSky has more than 17,000 merchants across many different industries who can be paired up with 14 of the country’s largest lenders. These include Region’s Bank, Fifth Third Bancorp and Sun Trust.

Because the average GreenSky customer has a FICO score of 760, the terms for these loans are often highly favorable to the customers. Typical loans require no interest payment for the first year and no payment. Almost all customers pay off the balance before higher rates kick in.




Roseann Bennett Talks About Self Care And Business

Roseann Bennett has accomplished a lot. However, she has also come to realize that there is a lot of importance in self-care. This is a challenge that she has admitted to having. She has admitted that self-care can be a good part of business plans. One of the most important aspects of business is that people have to be happy, engaged, and healthy to perform in business. However, Roseann has managed to be engaged and focused on her work. Therefore, she does seem to be putting a lot of effort in the right place. She does show some kind of care for herself. Otherwise, she would not be able to work.


Another challenge that Roseann Bennett has admitted to is finding the balance between work as a therapist and work as a wife and a mother. One thing that she has experienced with life is that she had to make sacrifices when it comes to finding some way to make a life for her family. This is a common thing for mothers and fathers. They have to make sacrifices and sometimes work extra hard in and out of the workplace in order to make sure that everyone is taken care of.


One thing Roseann Bennett is looking into is wellness programs. They have been proven to be something that is very beneficial. With wellness programs, people that work with Roseann can reach the next level of their performance. Roseann herself wants to perform at an even greater level for her clients and her family. One of the best things about Roseann and her business is that everyone is learning and growing. She is very humble while being very productive. One of the next things for Roseann to master is looking after herself so that she can accomplish even more. Refer to This Article for more information.


Bennett is now accountable for overall leadership, direction, and the coordination of programs and activities at Center for Assessment and Treatment. She moved into this well-deserved role for her dedication in this field throughout the years. With a Masters Degree and Specialist in Education Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy Bennet proves to have the knowledge to run such an establishment.


She also proved her ability to manage as an American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Supervisor and ACS supervisor, as well as being the president for the New Jersey Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.


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Unwavering Commitment Of CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi In Bradesco Organization

For many years, Bradesco, one of the largest banks in Brazil has been on the forefront of offering quality services to their customers. The organization which has a population of around 110 thousand employees has held its core values for years making it continue leading the market.

One of the important people on the executive board of this bank is Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi who has been the CEO of Banco Bradesco SA since March 2009 to March 2018. He has been an inspiration to many employees in the bank whom they look out to and get direction.

According to Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the incoming leader who is has a great responsibility of constructing Brazilian banking system, however, he is there to help the incoming leader in any question pertaining the operations of the Bank where he has worked for over 30 years. He has been maintaining the culture of the organization but he advises that the mission of the bank is not to always maintain and conserve but the real thing is to try to conserve and to advance. His great responsibility was and still is to increase the workforce, encourage upcoming talents and enhance the efforts of human resources so as to enable the sustainability of the company.

According to International Monetary Fund (IMF), Bradesco Bank would be in the 49th position in the world if its whole population 28 million customers decided to invest and build their own nation. The first step to incorporating this large population into the company’s population is by educating them to be loyal to the company’s brand and to educate them on the importance of using digital means while having any interactions with the bank. The bank has been focusing on financial conglomerate that’s for the development of the country and for the income of many employees.

Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will be the perfect replacement of the outgoing Chairman of the Executive Board of Bradesco, Mr. Lazaro Brandao who has served the organization for over seven decades. The Vice-presidency seat which Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi had occupied will be filled by Carlos Alberto Rodrigues. However, the seat of the President will be filled by one of the 7 vice presidents of the organization.

The career of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi began around 48 years ago when he fully committed to be working in Bradesco Organization. Prior to joining this company, he has served Odontoprev S.A as the Chairman of the Board of Directors, also as a Member of the Board of Directors of ArcelorMittal Brasil. He has served in Marketing and Fundraising Commission of ABECIP, in National Association of Private Pensions, in National Federation of Supplementary Health and in National Confederation of Financial Institutions as the President.

In Bradesco Bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has served as the Chairman of the Board of the Bank since 2017 and has been serving as the director since 2010. He graduated with Philosophy and later a postgraduate degree in Social Psychology. His contribution in the organization is quite recommendable.

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus Receives Considerable Investment

Tempus, co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky, is based in Chicago and is aiming to fight cancer by making it more efficient and personalized through cutting-edge data technology. The company recently was the recipient of $80 million by investors. This impressive amount that Tempus raised was by both existing and new investors to the company. Since 2015, the company has collected investments of $210 million including the $80 million they recently received. The company has earned the rare status of being a “unicorn” investment as it is currently valued at around $1.1 billion. This label is one that only a few startups based in Chicago have earned. With around 400 employees currently, they are expanding rapidly with around 30 more being added each month with the help of the investment.

Eric Lefkofsky is not new to investing and creating companies and is probably best known for co-founding the company Groupon. With the success he has achieved, Eric Lefkofsky is also dedicated to giving back through the Lefkofsky Foundation which he started with his wife. The Lefkofsky Foundation has helped over 50 organization since creation and has a strong focus on helping children around the world. Tempus itself is a part of the portfolio of Lightbank, a company Eric Lefkofsky also helped found. Lightbank is a venture capital firm also located in Chicago that invests in disruptive technology that has the potential to revolutionize their industry.

Tempus collects and organizes the medical data of patients in a way that will ensure patients receive the best treatment for their particular cancer and genetic makeup. The system will include DNA analysis for each patient by making it affordable which will not only help personalize cancer treatment but also help predict illnesses that the patients are genetically predisposed to. Quite possibly most impressively, it can discover patterns in treatments and patients that could help lead to cures. Eric Lefkofsky’s interest in fighting cancer does not end with Tempus. He has invested generous amounts of money through the Lefkofsky Foundation to various cancer-related charities, researchers, and treatment centers.