Career life of Robert Deignan

Every leader that embraces technology has lived to tell the tale of their success. The technology measures the level of an individual’s creativity as it keeps changing. Robert Deignan has grown his businesses through embracing it he has served in many companies that relate to the field. He first proved his innovativeness when he joined the Fanlink Company. He has served in different positions in various firms, and his current role has enabled him to solve almost every issue related to technology. As the chief executive officer of ATS Digital ventures, he has proved his elegance and wisdom. The changes he has brought to the world have brought hope to people.

Robert Deignan is quick to respond to his clients whenever they raise any issues related to his specialties. As an expert in technology, he has trained his team to handle different problems that may affect people in their daily lives as long as they involve technology. In case a client’s laptop or electronic device fails, his team is always ready to offer fast response regardless of the time they call in. Besides, he is committed to easing his customers from the hustle of staying offline as a result of damaged devices. He has created websites and a contact list of his company, which allows customers to contact his team for a convenient response and solution. His impressionable problem-solving skills enable him to identify the causes of failures in the devices and software of his customers in a short time. He is a leader with the admiration of many. With his exceptional listening and communication skills, he successfully offers valid and authentic information to any individual that seeks his advice. 

The excellent judgment that Robert Deignan exercises have enabled him to make the right decisions about managing his venture and associating with his workers. He has avoided making big mistakes in his venture due to wrong judgments. He remains alert to identify the right resources to input in his business to make activities in the company more efficient. He pays his employees reasonable wages to make them happy and encourage them to keep desirably handling every client. His life has urged people to be achievers. 

HGGC Uses Software to Select Investments

Technology now plays a bigger role than ever before in the world of investing. This is because there are now various software programs that are available for private equity firms to take advantage of. One of the companies that is at the forefront of this technological revolution is HGGC. They are the ones that actually took the initiative when it came to developing software that is able to predict investments with shocking accuracy. This software has improved a lot since its inception. It is now more accurate than ever before. The use of software has now become the industry standard among private equity firms.

The founders of HGGC, based in Palo Alto, believe that gut instinct still has a place in the world of investing. However, software and other technological advances can offer investors valuable info that they otherwise would not have. The software is also capable of comparing thousands of similar investments in a fraction of the time that a real person would be able to do it. Therefore, the time that is saved by using software to make investments is an advantage that is enormous when decisions need to be made quickly. There are many investment opportunities that are time sensitive.

One of the reasons why HGGC decided to start using software in the first place is because they needed to catch up to many of their competitors that were more established. They wanted to find a way to give themselves a decided advantage. They talked to some young software developers about the possibility of creating new technology that is specifically designed for the world of investing. After several meetings, the developers agreed to get started on the new project. It took roughly one year for the software to be created and tested to the point where HGGC started to use it to make investments.

The role that technology plays in investing is only going to get bigger in the years to come. Private equity firms have seen huge returns as a direct result of utilizing new computer technology. These increased profits guarantee that new software will be created.



Jojo Hedaya is the co-founder and CEO of Unroll me. He acquired a B.A in Philosophy, Business from the City University of New York Brooklyn College where he had studied from 2010-2012.

Jojo grew up in New York, but at some point in his life, he traveled to Yeshiva, Israel to study and it is here that he met his co-founder and friend, Rosenwald. When asked where the idea for the very innovative and successful company Unroll me came from, he explains it in a story stating that he and Rosenwald used to communicate via emails, but for some reason, the latter never got back to him.

This went on for a while, and when he finally confronted him about it, Rosenwald was really remorseful. His major complaint was that the emails somehow got jumbled up with the newsletters and ads and therefore he never had the time to sort through all that mess and get the important emails.

This, therefore, gave them the idea to form a solution to this problem and hence Unroll me was born. Jojo formed this when he was only 22, with very minimal entrepreneurial skills, as well as the required business acumen, but he did anyway and today it is a major success.

Jojo Hedaya is an entrepreneur who is passionate about what he does and when questioned, he states that his game plan involves mainly two arms, execution and simplicity.

He states that it is of fundamental importance for one to hire a highly skillful and talented team, a team made of individuals that know what they are doing, are good at it, and are passionate about it.

Jojo states that it is important to have a positive surrounding in the work area; an environment filled with nothing but positivity as well as fostering teamwork, and he does this and so much more, including the mentoring of the people he works with.

He is also a strong advocate for having an open mind, being open to the fact that one can learn in as much as they are also teaching others and this too is fundamental. He proceeded to make the wise business decision to sell the Unroll me company to the global company known as Slice, where he is working as Chief product and consumer officer, and this is good for him as it gives him time to grow more in as far as the business world is concerned as well as learning new skills.


Jojo Hedaya is clearly an inspiration to young people, showing them that one can be young and still very successful or rather can achieve anything at any age. He has done it so why not?

A Closure Look At Fashion & Makeup Designer Doe Deere

Are you generally interested in makeup products as well as fine jewelry? Have you ever heard of a woman by the name of Doe Deere? Doe Deere is a name that has grown substantially over a span of 10 years. She made her professional debut back in 2008. This debut consisted of her very own cosmetics line. Lime Crime was its name and offering vividly bold colors was its game. This particular company reached all-star status fairly quickly. Deere used her brilliance to carve out a niche that was once void of direction. “I’ve always had a thing for bright and bold colors,” said Deere. Lime Crime would go on to become a cult-favorite as it sold various forms of lip stick, foundation, hair dye, glitter, eyeliner and other makeup products. On top of that, Deere’s brand was 100 percent against animal cruelty.

Fast-forward to today and Doe Deere has now come out with a phenomenal jewelry collection. This jewelry collection is inspired by the Victorian era. Poppy Angeloff has her full-attention these days as Deere has sold her share of Lime Crime equity to start to a new business venture. Doe Deere moved to New York City with her mother and baby sister. “My mother was an accomplished accountant back in Russia, but she struggled to find work in America,” said Deere. Deere’s mother would clean apartments to earn income. Her sister would also watch the neighbor’s cats for extra cash. The family would get a break from the harshness of reality, and this break would come in the form of a woman.

Dorchen Leidholdt, a lawyer and feminist, would help the family get on their feet by opening a few doors. Dorchen played an enormous role in helping Doe Deere transition into the woman that you see today.

Jeunesse Global’s Powerhouse of Health and Beauty

Jeunesse Global is an established health and beauty brand specializing in the “forever young” industry. They use science and technology to create revolutionary products that fight aging and preserve the beautiful, youthful look that so many around the globe strive to achieve and maintain. Jeunesse Global has a wonderful range of products sure to fit their customer’s needs. Anything from powerhouse supplements chock-full of the key vitamins and minerals our bodies yearn for, to revitalizing and age fighting skin care products, to beautifying makeup; you’ll find your perfect match.

Along with Jeunesse Global’s amazing variety of products, comes a strong team of distributors whose main goal is to provide you with everything you need to bring out the healthiest, strongest, most beautiful version of yourself. Their providers are stationed all around the globe, which means that you always have access to the supplements and merchandise you know and love. This strong team of experts is backed by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, two retired folks whom made it their life’s focus to make sure as many people around the world could have the opportunity to live long, youthful, strong lives. They call their movement “Generation Young” further promoting the idea that their products are age-defying.

Not only does Jeunesse Global allow adults to live up to their full potential, but they have built a non-profit organization focused on the future of children around the world. They provide kids with an opportunity to escape the circumstances in which they were born. The founders, Randy and Wendy, along with their team of global workers, give kids in unfavorable areas access to education and healthcare. They host events such as: shoe drives, healthcare education, and fundraising for children’s hospitals; among other things.

Jeunesse Global truly is a company worth getting involved in. They focus on creating a better world for everyone around them.

Unroll Me Is a Way To Declutter Digitally

You may be surprised by just how many email services you are subscribed to. These subscriptions can easily overload your inbox which can cause you to miss the important emails that you need to read. Fortunately, Unroll Me is here to help solve this problem and put all of your subscriptions in one place so you are free to read the important messages that you get. While a spam filter gets rid of spam, what about the subscriptions that you want to read but maybe not right now. If you are at work you might want to wait to read about the newest bargains from your favorite retailers.

Unroll Me works with most of the most popular email services in use today such as Gmail. The service is free and will automatically scan your inbox to gather all of your subscriptions into one place. This collection of subscriptions all goes into the daily “Rollup” which makes it not only to read it all in one place but also to unsubscribe from any of the services that you just aren’t interested in. In just a couple of minutes, Unroll Me can scan thousands of emails.

While the digest feature isn’t perfect, it’s largely accurate. It can sometimes miss a few subscriptions and sometimes even label things as a subscription that aren’t, but fortunately, the digest is easy to read and these mistakes can easily be caught. It just takes a couple of clicks to get the messages sent to the right place so they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

You even get to decide when you receive the daily Rollup from Unroll Me. If you decide that you want to read your subscriptions before you are scheduled to get your subscriptions, you can go to the website of Unroll Me and read it whenever you want. The Rollup has an edit mode that can send the messages to your inbox or even unsubscribing from the subscription altogether. Unroll Me may have its flaws, but with the recently released apps and other options, it’s getting even better for people who want to organize their digital clutter.

Victoria Doramus Is A Digital Marketing Professional Who Works To Help People In Need

Victoria Doramus is an entrepreneur and digital marketer who always finds the time to help out those who are in need. She has been working with many different charitable organizations over the years and continues to offer her support to Best Friends Animal Society, the Amy Winehouse Foundation, the Women’s Prison Association, and many more. It is her wish that everyone be as successful as they possibly can, and she gets a lot of satisfaction out of seeing others making their dreams come true.

Victoria Doramus has been working in the branding and advertising industries for many years and has been known to discover new ways to use marketing in today’s digital world. She studied at the University of Colorado – Boulder and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism and mass communication while there. Doramus believes that people should love themselves more and feels that self confidence is very important for people’s success. If she could go back in time and give herself a piece of advice, it would be to slow down and live life more fully.

Victoria Doramus has worked with many different well known companies and individuals over the years. Some of these include Creative Arts Agency, Mindshare, Stila Cosmetics, and Trendera. Her main focus with most of these companies was to help them out with their branding and marketing efforts. Doramus has also worked with the likes of Peter Berg, the producer and film director. She served as his personal assistant for some time and was happy to be able to broaden her horizons and experience in her sector during that time.

Victoria Doramus is excited about the way that companies are integrating data collection with regular, everyday devices. She enjoys using health devices that track her exercise and wellness levels. She has been able to make better health decisions because of these kinds of helpful devices. She also supports and volunteers at a local animal shelter.

Dr. Eric Forthoefel Changing The Face Of Medicine

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is changing the face of emergency medicine. He fully understands what it’s like for patients who walk into the emergency room seeking immediate care. It can often be a very stressful and frightening experience. But Dr. Forsthoefel aims to transform the patient’s overall experience by helping doctors become more engaged.

Dr. Forsthoefel graduated from the University of Louisville School of Medicine in 2012. After completing his residency at Louisiana State University, he worked for six years as a emergency room doctor. It was there were Dr. Forsthoefel saw many deficiencies up close and personal.

Today, the doctor works in Tallahassee Florida where he specializes in trauma, cuts, cardiac stress, fractures and trauma. Dr. Forsthoefel points out that an emergency room doctor differs from a primary doctor because they have a variety of medical concerns they have to deal with as opposed just one.

“We are trained to deal with everything. And we do. We must always listen to the concerns of our patients and always be on our feet moving.”

Not only is the doctor serious about his work, he has hundreds of positive reviews to back it up. Dr. Forsthoefel’s patients have rated him among the highest in the state of Florida. They give him the highest marks in understanding the needs of the patient and quickly addressing medical concerns.

Dr. Forsthoefel also has the approval of the American Board of Emergency Medicine. He also holds certified licenses through both the states of Louisiana and Florida. He is fully qualified and trained to treat a wide range of medical ailments.

Dr. Forthoefel also points out that while emergency rooms by law cannot refuse anyone who comes for treatment, people should evaluate if their ailment before coming to the emergency room. People often go to the emergency room for issues that should be seen by primary care doctors. Of course, there is also the issue of uninsured people flooding into emergency rooms. Dr. Forthoefel says that is another issue that should be addressed.

However, Dr. Forthoefel says non-emergency issues can put a strain on emergency rooms. In fact, Florida has one of the highest rates of non-emergency room issues in the country. “People should never shy away from the ER if they really feel they need help. However, we do have a lot of cases that can really slow down the hospital and keep people who need immediate care from getting it,” said Dr. Forthoefel.

Dr. Forthoefel says he is very concerned about the situation becoming critical. He says more needs to be done in the way of not only educating people on what is and isn’t an emergency, but training doctors and staff on how to deal with these situations.

Dr. Forthoefel says it is his goal to broaden the medical profession all around. “We all need a better understanding of the patient-doctor relationship. Both parties can often take the other for granted.”

In the meantime, Dr. Forsthoefel says he will continue to seeing his patients and educating them about their health.


Jeunesse Instantly Ageless Can Reduce Wrinkles and Eye Bags

Jeunesse Global is a direct selling company worth more than a billion dollars. They not only operate in more than 140 markets around the world, helping people look as young as they feel with their comprehensive Youth Enhancement system, but they also have their employees empowering each other to reach their full potential and live incredible lives. Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray founded Jeunesse Global in 2009 after working in a variety of other markets. When Ray started experiencing knee pain, he went to a physician in California to get treated with stem cell therapy. While Wendy was waiting for her husband in the doctor’s office, she noticed a youth-enhancing serum based on the same research. When she saw the results that people had from using the serum, she recognized the potential of the youth enhancing serums. She and Randy decided to create a company that would use the same ingredients with some slight changes to help it absorb into the skin better.

Jeunesse has some youth enhancing products including Instantly Ageless. The serum only takes two minutes to apply and will last up to 9 hours. This will visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines, eye bags, wrinkles, while also reducing pores. It was designed to target areas that have lost elasticity, allowing it to create a lifted look.

Instantly Ageless is best used for targeted areas on the face. You can use it to directly address forehead wrinkles by dabbing the cream on the forehead, creating instant lift. It can also be used around the eyebrows to give the fashionable “brow lift” look when you place the cream directly above the natural brow line. Hooded eyes can also be quickly fixed with the Instantly Ageless cream. The cream is dabbed along the natural brow to create younger looking eyes. With Instantly Ageless, you can also wave goodbye to crow’s feet and under-eye bags. By dabbing the cream into the under eye area, Instantly Ageless will instantly reduce the appearance of eye-bags and those fine wrinkles that can add years to your age. The appearance of facial pores can also be reduced when you use Instantly Ageless.


GreenSky Credit focuses on high-end borrowers

Among the tech companies that have fared the worst are those that have attempted to shoehorn starry-eyed utopian principles into otherwise viable business models. Many times, the socialist tendencies of these startups’ founders are hard to ignore. Some particularly egregious examples of this can be seen in the fintech sector, where companies like Lending Club and OnDeck thought that they could teach the banking sector, which has a 500-year-old business model, a thing or two about solid lending practices. They were wrong.

The problem with the lending business is that there is little margin for error. Even one bad loan can wipe out an entire year’s worth of profits for smaller lenders. That’s why the credit-scoring system came about in the first place. It is absolutely imperative for those issuing unsecured loans to take account of the risk level of the borrowers. Any banker who makes a practice of lending to bums will soon find himself at the soup kitchen.

GreenSky Credit is one of the few fintech startups mature enough to recognize this timeless reality. Rather than originating NINJA loans for street people and drug addicts, GreenSky Credit prudently focused in on the crème of the prime borrowing market: homeowners.

GreenSky Credit connects homeowners who are looking to renovate their properties with lenders who are eager to find high-credit-score borrowers to pad their books. GreenSky Credit has helped homeowners, banks and general contractors make tens of billions of dollars in deals over the last 15 years that simply wouldn’t have otherwise taken place.

David Zalik, the CEO of GreenSky Credit, says that he was then able to expand his company’s operations to the realm of other big-ticket items. Today, GreenSky has more than 17,000 merchants across many different industries who can be paired up with 14 of the country’s largest lenders. These include Region’s Bank, Fifth Third Bancorp and Sun Trust.

Because the average GreenSky customer has a FICO score of 760, the terms for these loans are often highly favorable to the customers. Typical loans require no interest payment for the first year and no payment. Almost all customers pay off the balance before higher rates kick in.