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Ara Chackerian Is Successful Entrepreneur.

Ara Chackerian has had a successful career as an entrepreneur. Indeed, he has been involved as an investor, philanthropist, entrepreneur and advisor. Ara Chackerian is very much an angel investor who has an eye for investing in companies that fit his ideals and more.

Once such company, Limonapa Teak SA is one such company that Ara Chackerian invested money in. Indeed, Chackerian was interested in making sure that Chackerian and many others would leave the earth in a much better place than Ara had found it, initially.

Chackerian believes in Limonapa Teak SA because they produce a teak wood that upholds things like sustainability. Ara Chackerian’s firm is located in a South American country like Nicaragua. The region is called Chinandega. Limonapa Teak SA produces almost one thousand acres of land that once had cattle grazing there. Chackerian is all about helping reduce the human footprint, no matter which part of the world it is in.

Ara Chackerian, along with many people in his type of industry, is searching for the right way to reduce harm to the environment. Indeed, the forestry industry, which has felt the deleterious effects of many deficient methods is in a need to focus on sustainability and ways to not destroy the earth.

These prior practices has been doing a lot of cutting and burning of farming environments. Because of this horrible devastation, especially in Latin America has moved Limonapa Teak SA and Ara Chackerian to focus on creating a cause that can create a location that is positive for workers, customers who appreciate Limonapa Teak SA for their contributions to the environment.

Regarding his education, Ara Chakarian went to Florida State University. He received his bachelor’s degree at FSU. Indeed, Ara has put his bachelor’s degree to excellent use over many years. And it has shown with his business acumen as well. Find out more about Ara Chackerian:

Roseann Bennett Talks About Self Care And Business

Roseann Bennett has accomplished a lot. However, she has also come to realize that there is a lot of importance in self-care. This is a challenge that she has admitted to having. She has admitted that self-care can be a good part of business plans. One of the most important aspects of business is that people have to be happy, engaged, and healthy to perform in business. However, Roseann has managed to be engaged and focused on her work. Therefore, she does seem to be putting a lot of effort in the right place. She does show some kind of care for herself. Otherwise, she would not be able to work.


Another challenge that Roseann Bennett has admitted to is finding the balance between work as a therapist and work as a wife and a mother. One thing that she has experienced with life is that she had to make sacrifices when it comes to finding some way to make a life for her family. This is a common thing for mothers and fathers. They have to make sacrifices and sometimes work extra hard in and out of the workplace in order to make sure that everyone is taken care of.


One thing Roseann Bennett is looking into is wellness programs. They have been proven to be something that is very beneficial. With wellness programs, people that work with Roseann can reach the next level of their performance. Roseann herself wants to perform at an even greater level for her clients and her family. One of the best things about Roseann and her business is that everyone is learning and growing. She is very humble while being very productive. One of the next things for Roseann to master is looking after herself so that she can accomplish even more. Refer to This Article for more information.


Bennett is now accountable for overall leadership, direction, and the coordination of programs and activities at Center for Assessment and Treatment. She moved into this well-deserved role for her dedication in this field throughout the years. With a Masters Degree and Specialist in Education Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy Bennet proves to have the knowledge to run such an establishment.


She also proved her ability to manage as an American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Supervisor and ACS supervisor, as well as being the president for the New Jersey Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.