Career life of Robert Deignan

Every leader that embraces technology has lived to tell the tale of their success. The technology measures the level of an individual’s creativity as it keeps changing. Robert Deignan has grown his businesses through embracing it he has served in many companies that relate to the field. He first proved his innovativeness when he joined the Fanlink Company. He has served in different positions in various firms, and his current role has enabled him to solve almost every issue related to technology. As the chief executive officer of ATS Digital ventures, he has proved his elegance and wisdom. The changes he has brought to the world have brought hope to people.

Robert Deignan is quick to respond to his clients whenever they raise any issues related to his specialties. As an expert in technology, he has trained his team to handle different problems that may affect people in their daily lives as long as they involve technology. In case a client’s laptop or electronic device fails, his team is always ready to offer fast response regardless of the time they call in. Besides, he is committed to easing his customers from the hustle of staying offline as a result of damaged devices. He has created websites and a contact list of his company, which allows customers to contact his team for a convenient response and solution. His impressionable problem-solving skills enable him to identify the causes of failures in the devices and software of his customers in a short time. He is a leader with the admiration of many. With his exceptional listening and communication skills, he successfully offers valid and authentic information to any individual that seeks his advice. 

The excellent judgment that Robert Deignan exercises have enabled him to make the right decisions about managing his venture and associating with his workers. He has avoided making big mistakes in his venture due to wrong judgments. He remains alert to identify the right resources to input in his business to make activities in the company more efficient. He pays his employees reasonable wages to make them happy and encourage them to keep desirably handling every client. His life has urged people to be achievers. 

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: Assisting the Migrants to Live and Work in the United States

The United States was founded by immigrants who sailed from England into the shores of the New World hundreds of years ago. Today, immigrants coming from the south are flocking into the United States to experience a comfortable life.

However, the irony behind it is that some of the citizens of the United States, whose ancestors are immigrants, try to drive away the new wave of immigrants who wanted to settle in America. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are fighting for the rights of the migrants, and they are doing everything that they can to ensure that they are being taken care of.

The migrants who wanted to live in the United States come from the poorest nations in South and Central America. They have faced several challenges during their journey across the unforgiving terrain of the continent, and at the same time, they are being threatened by gangs, the police, and thousands of criminals they have encountered along the way.

As they arrive near the border with Mexico, the migrants, most of them being undocumented, are subjected to a lot of questioning by the police. Some of them escape the border patrol by running away from the apprehenders and wandering across the vast American desert.  Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

The plight of the migrants once they enter the United States is unsure. Now that Donald Trump has become the president of the United States, undocumented migrants are being hunted down to be deported back to their homelands.

Some of them are trying to escape the stricter law of the president by doing everything that they can to evade the police; however, some of them face the most unfortunate circumstances in their lives.

Joe Arpaio, dubbed as the “Toughest Sheriff in America,” is one of the problems being faced by the undocumented migrants. His stance against the migrants is bold – he wanted them out of the United States.

Joe Arpaio was involved in several controversies, because of how he mistreated a lot of people who just wanted to live in the United States. According to the reports, he is responsible for the arrest of hundreds of undocumented migrants, sending them to his infamous city that is similar to German Concentration Camps.

He would subject them to extreme labor, and some are dying because of the severe weather conditions felt inside the tent city, like a scorching Arizonian heat or its cold desert nights.



Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are trying to help these undocumented migrants not to become a prey, especially for someone like Joe Arpaio. They are using their private fund, called the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund, to assist the migrants who wanted to live and work legally in the United States. Their fund has more than $3.75 million in cash, and they are using it to fund the temporary homes where the migrants would live.

Through the years, the Frontera Fund never ran out of money because grateful migrants are trying to donate money now that they can freely live and work in the United States.


Waiakea Water Offering Volcanic Water Benefits And More.

Let’s face it, bottled water has become more than just a drink, it has become a huge money maker. All you have to do is to look down the asile of any store and you are bound to find case after case of bottled water that you can buy and take home with you. Waiakea water is one of the many brands that you can find on sale. It is important to keep in mind that this brand is so much more than just another bottled water. Waiakea is the water known as Hawaii volcanic water. This is because the water is filtered using a volcano on the island of Hawaii.

Many water drinkers claim that there are many benefits to drinking this water. Volcanic water benefits are something that many people feel are a positive impact on the body.Many people feel that the Waiakea water Ph is balanced and can offer benefits too. There are many things that seem to make this brand a good one. However, it is not just marketing for the company. It is also the fact that they care about being an environmentally friendly company.

A few years ago we might have found it funny that we are buying or selling water in a bottle. The very thought of thinking that things like a balanced water exists or that a bottle could be recycled were things that we didn’t really think mattered. Today it is more than just good marketing for a company to try doing something unique with their water. For Waiakea Water making their product stand out is easy. They are a company that is environmentally sound in so many ways.

First the company has water from Hawaii. Secondly, it is in a water bottle made to break down when left in the environment. A regular water bottle takes around one thousand years to break down. The bottle used by Waiakea was designed by them to break down in fifteen years if not recycled. Now, that might seem like a long time but, it isn’t when you look at the whole picture. For that reason alone, the company is well worth the ranking of one of the top eco-friendly companies on the face of planet earth.

The tale of Jim Larkin, the man who revolutionized Dublin’s unskilled labor force

The struggle for workers rights in Ireland has come a long way. In the 20th century, workers in Ireland were facing a lot of challenges that include poor pay and deplorable working conditions. They were mistreated at the place of work and enjoyed minimal privileges.

Labor Unions only fought for the skilled workforce and neglected the unskilled workers who formed the majority of the workforce. The status quo seemed to remain the same for a long time since there was no hope for change. The only movements that swept through the country were political, and they ignored the plight of the Irish workforce.

When Jim Larkin came to fight for the workers’ rights, he seemed like an angel sent from above to liberate the workers from the yokes of mistreatment by their masters. Jim Larkin, who hails from Liverpool, England, was born to Irish immigrant parents.

He was the first individual to successfully hold a strike that fought for equal rights and better working conditions for the workers. He successfully organized National Union of Dock Laborers in 1906 and penetrated Ireland the following year.

When he arrived in Belfast, Jim Larkin tried to organize another strike for the unskilled labor force, but the NUDL officials signed a deal with the business owners without involving him. Jim was infuriated with the betrayal from his colleagues, and he decided to found his union that would help to fight for the rights of the unskilled workers.

Armed with determination, Jim Larkin established the Irish Transport & General Workers Union (ITGWU). The union became popular among the unskilled workforce, and within three years of establishment, ITGWU was one of the largest and successful unions in Ireland.

Jim Larkin used the union to fight for equal rights, good working environment and fair treatment for the unskilled labor force. He organized numerous strikes through the union in a bid to liberate people from oppression by companies and business owners.

Although most of the strikes organized by the union were successful, Jim Larkin faced a lot of opposition, especially from William Martin Murphy. He was a conservative nationalist and the founder of Dublin United Tramway Company (DUTC). In 1913, Jim Larkin organized a strike but Murphy instructed his workers to renounce the strike, or they would be fired.

The workers did not heed to Murphy’s instructions, and they decided to proceed with the strike. As a result, Murphy decided to lock out all the employees who went on strike and attempted to hire new employees to replace them.

This did not go down well with the employees, and they made sure that the facility is shut down. The striking employees engaged the police in running battles, and it almost became a norm.

The following year, ITGWU depleted their resources and they, therefore, couldn’t continue with the strike. They rejoined the workforce and continued with their routine.

Although Larkin failed in organizing a formidable strike that would cause massive change as he wanted, he managed to send a warning to the employers who feared that their workers would retaliate if mistreated.

He succeeded in mobilizing the unskilled workforce in Dublin that consequently led to better salaries and working conditions for the workers.