Igor Cornelsen Is Always Exploring The World Of Stock Buying And Foreign Investing

Some people have looked at the world of investing and seen it as a world full of traps and only being for the elite who have deep knowledge of finance. Some may not like it due to all the fees that brokers and financial planners collect, or because the stock market can cause sudden reactions from investors. But investing is actually a vital component to building savings for future endeavors. That’s why Igor Cornelsen is actively working today to help investors understand the benefits of investing.

Igor Cornelsen is quite clear that while investing in stocks, bonds or mutual funds certainly takes risk on your part, it is not gambling. Good stock buyers go into it very certain of what their buying and are able to avoid impulsive decisions. Finding good stocks isn’t about just knowing which stocks are currently hot. Cornelsen says you need to find low priced stock that comes from a new and innovative company, but you should look closely at their corporate structure and make sure you’re buying into a stable company. You also need to avoid the temptation to buy the shares in just one company stock and spread your portfolio around to allocate your assets and readjust it as needed.

Igor Cornelsen became the financial expert he is today through years of experience in Brazil’s banks. He managed the portfolios of both domestic and international clients, and he became a major consultant for Brazil’s Finance and Economics government department. Today he’s retired and usually takes up blogging and tweeting about investments as purely a hobby. But he does encourage American investors to learn about what Brazil has to offer and consider investing in that country. It does take some familiarity with their securities trading laws, and you do need to pay attention to politics, but Cornelsen says it’s certainly worth it.

Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie Outlines Future Strategy For Pizza Company

As the new CEO of Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie is determined to stake out the differences between the pizza he is selling versus “all the others.” In a recent interview, Ritchie said a lot of people don’t know that Papa John’s is the only major pizza delivery service that never makes its pizza crust from frozen dough. It’s “fresh-raised” and baked right before delivery.

Steve Ritchie also wants millions of people to know that Papa John’s sauce is never made from tomato paste or tomato concentrate. Rather, this company sources vine-ripened tomatoes from California central valley farms that are fresh canned. That, along with six simple ingredients, makes for a vastly superior pizza taste and experience, he said.

Speaking of experience, Stevie Ritchie believes that building on customer experience with his firm will be a key to its long-term success. He said that customers want delicious pizza, but they also want their experience with the provider to be positive from the first point of contact to the last morsel is eaten.

To that end, Papa John’s is investing in technology like never before. It plans to have the most efficient ordering and delivery system in the industry. That includes super convenient online ordering via smartphone or home computer. Steve Ritchie said they have also bolstered their rewards program. He noted that Papa John’s was the first pizza delivery company to implement a rewards program.

Steve Ritchie has been with Papa John’s for 22 years. His first job was as a pizza delivery man for $6 an hour. In 10 years he worked his way up to owning his own franchise. He went on to be named the company’s Chief Operations Officer. Now as CEO he brings the experience of a man who knows the business from top to bottom.

Steve Ritchie CEO of Papa John’s Promotes Diversity Among Core Values

After Papa John’s founder and CEO John Schnatter resigned in 2018, former COO Steve Richie took over as CEO of the pizza franchise. Steve Richie is promising to take the franchise in a new direction. This comes after Schantter’s resignation from board of directors due to a series of insensitive comments made by the founder. Sales at Papa John’s stores around the country have dropped in light of the comments. New CEO Steve Richie plans to repair Papa John’s relationship with the community.

Richie authored an open letter to employees and customers stating that he wanted to ensure that diversity and equality were among the core values of the company. He ensures the public that the leaders of Papa John’s are taking the proper steps that make sure these values are put into practice. The first way to ensure this is to perform an internal audit of the diversity practices of the company. The next step is to make sure the leadership of Papa John’s undergoes unconscious bias training and implements this training in every store across the country. Following this, he will also ensure that more diversity is added to the leadership of Papa John’s. He is also forming a new Papa John’s minority-owned franchise expansion and development program.

The Franchise expansion and development program will help minority and women entrepreneurs open and manage their own Papa John’s franchises. This can increase diversity in the entrepreneurship community and help grow local economies. Steve Riche’s final part of his plan to repair the damaged relationship with the public is to form a new foundation that supports organizations that are helping to promote diversity and inclusion.

Steve Richie has worked for Papa John’s for 22 years, beginning his career in 1996 as a customer service representative. In 2006 he purchased his own Papa John’s store and became a franchise owner. Before becoming the COO of Papa Johns and eventual CEO, Richie worked as a general manager, area supervisor, vice president, and director of operations for the company.