American Addiction Centers: It Doesn’t Get Better Without Treatment

A lot of people with addiction issues think they can fix the problem right away, and things will go back to normal. The truth of the matter is there is no quick fix. It is going to take some time to get the substance out of their system. That is what people have to remember when they are looking at their addiction.

If they are looking to enter a treatment center and get out in a week or two, they are in for a rude awakening. The part where they have to wean themselves off the substance is incredibly difficult. They think they will be able to just quit the substance, and they won’t have any side effects. The AAC is going to let them know what’s really going on with their addiction.

They have to remember they have been on this substance for a long time. Because they have been on this substance for a long time, it is in their blood. They can’t just stop taking the substance all together and not expect to experience any issues. It is just not realistic.

The AAC is big on making sure the patient understands the importance of their treatment. They need to be fully invested in their treatment. If they are just looking to fast track this whole process, they will not get any better. For however long it takes, they need to stick with their treatment until they are clean.

It is what the AAC has been doing for people with substance issues since 2007. They have made that promise, and they plan on delivering it as often as they can. It does take two in order for this to work. If the patient is just going through the motions and not taking their treatment seriously, the AAC can only do so much for them.

It is why the AAC is always happy when someone enters a treatment center with a positive state of mind. If they have a positive state of mind, they are a lot easier to treat. Now, it doesn’t mean they are going to turn anyone away because they are being stubborn. Read more: American Addiction Centers Network Of National Facilities and American Addiction Center Reviews | Glassdoor

They don’t turn their back on people. Instead, they are there for them and help them out through thick and thin. They know it might take a little while for someone to be on board with their treatment. Once they do that, they will be well on their way to healthy living.

It is the best kind of living out there for someone that has been down a dark path in the past. Everything in life is ten times better when someone is sober and able to fully experience all of the joys that life has to offer.

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College Student Statistic Report From American Addiction Centers

College age students in America sadly are becoming more addicted to alcohol and drug substances. The American Addiction Centers have revealed a report that reveals how many college students are addicted to having experienced using drugs or abusing alcohol.

Many of these students try their first drug on a college and campus and become hooked. This is devastating. Getting an addiction while in college can limit their potential when it comes to employment later in life and their current college experience. Read more: American Addiction Center Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase

There is a trend that has been developing amongst college students. This trend has to relate that more and more college students are turning to drugs and alcohol. Some turn to these vices to help subside with the pressures and stress of young adulthood and college.

Others turn to these vices for the so-called fun experience of experiencing with substance and alcohol abuse. Sadly, American Addiction Centers has uncovered that nearly sixty percent of students have drunk alcohol in the past month. Twenty percent of them have tired a drug at least once. Amphetamine is showing up in blood reports of several college students.

American Addiction Centers has spent years studying addictions in people. Therefore, they are a reliable source of what to spot in an addict. A possible addiction will lead to certain signs in a person’s physical appearance and their behavior.

If a person is appearing different or if their body is cold or warm to the touch, these could be issues that point to a substance problem. Behavior issues are common amongst drug addicts. Mood swings are an example of behavioral issues. A lack of honesty or avoiding certain questions are common amongst people aiming to hide their addiction. People who either sleep too much or not enough could be a sign. Even paranoia is a possible sign of drug use.

American Addiction Centers is a respected treatment facility for inpatients and outpatients. They work to help heal people and get people back on the right track in life. They offer counseling and guidance for those who have succumb to their addictions.

They redirect people to finding themselves, their identity and course. They have many centers located around the country where they have helpful staff and ample resources to guide people back to being functioning people of society.

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Living the Good Life: American Addiction Centers Exposes Drug Addiction on College Campuses

Everyone is told that college is the best option advancing financially and socially. Yes, getting a good education makes a big difference for many people. However, there is a downside to American college campuses.

This downside has to do with drugs and alcohol. While getting a good degree is a prerequisite to living the good life – it can also take people down the wrong road. American Addiction Centers want parents to understand this truth.

Did you know that at least 1 in 3 college students will drink alcohol within a given month? At least 1 in 5 students will do some type of drugs while on campus.

This is a part of the college culture that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Added to this problem of college drinking has to do with alcohol related fatalities.

Some estimates state that at least 1800 college students between the ages of 18 and 24 will die from their involvement with alcohol. That is a very high number of people dying every year from this substance.

Around 1200 college students will pass away because of a drug overdose. These are some sobering statistics that brings the reality of alcohol and drug abuse into focus while on campus.

College is a big pathway to living the good life. However, you might not realize this other sobering fact. Nearly 700,000 college students between the ages of 18 to 24 will be assaulted by another student who has been drinking alcohol.

Most of these cases are sexual in nature and they do involve guys sexually assaulting other males. However, the majority of sexual assault cases happen to females. Also, some young ladies will be perpetrators in these incidents. Read more: American Addiction Center Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase

Assaults also involve physical beatings. Men primarily get beat in this manner though some women suffer from this type of crime as well. Now these might seem like statistics for people living in prison or in a rough side of town. They are not. These statistics are for people living and hanging out on college campuses.

At least 80% of all college students will drink at some point during a given year in college. This is not unusual. At least half of all college kids are able to control themselves and not become too drunk.

However, the other half that drinks too much that creates the problems. These individuals will end up in the hospital, experiencing alcohol disease or start the process of becoming life-long alcoholics.

American Centers personnel understand that college drinking and drug use is a part of the culture. However, they do not want young American adults to become addicts during their time in school.

This is why they caution parents to make sure they’re monitoring their adult kids. College can truly be a ticket to a good life an students and their parents should make sure it doesn’t lead to bad place.

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Desert Hope Treatment Center, An American Addiction Center Facility, Debuts Salute To Recovery Program To Provide Help To Veterans Suffering from Addiction

The Desert Hope Treatment Center, one of the many facilities of the American Addiction Center, and one of the leading providers of substance use treatment services, recently launched its Salute To Recovery Program. It aims to provide assistance to veterans who are struggling with alcohol addiction, drug addiction, and other co-occurring mental health issues.

Salute to Recovery Program

The Salute to Recovery program enables Desert Hope Treatment Center to provide a specialized program dedicated to providing solutions on the distinct challenges that veterans face and assisting them on their way to recovery.

Desert Hope Treatment Center chief executive officer Ambrozino Storr said that they want the veterans to feel that it took a massive amount of courage to reach out to others. The CEO added that the Desert Hope Treatment Center would like them to know that they consider it as an honor and privilege to provide for them a safe place where they could find healing and hope.

Storr understands that most veterans have a lot of pride and being vulnerable could be very challenging on their part considering that they are perceived as heroes by the society.

The American Addiction Centers, the parent company of Desert Hope Treatment Center conducted research on the veterans’ state of substance abuse and mental health. The research reveals that only 50 percent of service members returning from the field actually sought treatment of their mental health.

Around 60 percent to 80 percent of Vietnam war veterans were diagnosed with alcohol abuse disorder. Over 4 in 5 veterans cited physical or mental limitations are reasons for their inability to work following their service in the military. As a designated Veterans Choice Provider, Desert Hope Treatment Center could have the veterans care charged to the Veterans Administration. In fact, most of the staff who lead the Salute to Recovery programs are veterans themselves. Read more: American Addiction Center Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase

Through the Salute To Recovery program, veterans can learn more about addiction as a disease, as well as the coping skills, that they will need in their journey to recovery. The available therapies include narrative therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and dialectical behavior therapy. Desert Hope Treatment Center also offers EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.

This is a form of physiotherapy treatment for patients dealing with trauma. Narrative therapy, on the other hand, is a process where patients learn to alter the narrative of their story by concentrating on their abilities and strengths. Desert Hope Treatment Center through the Salute To recovery program, would like the veterans to know that they are not alone in their battle, Desert Hope Treatment Center CEO said.

What is American Addiction Centers?

The American Center s is the leading provider of substance abuse treatment all over the US. It offers treatments and services to clients suffering from alcohol addiction, drug addiction, mental health issues, and behavioral health issues.

The American Addiction Centers is the only publicly traded company in the addiction treatment industry. It has a high success rate which is two times the national average rate. American Addiction Centers have been mentioned in various news and media outfits, this includes Daily Mail, Fox News, Forbes, and USA Today.

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