End Citizens United Filtering The Corporate Money Out Of Political System Of The United States

The corporate influence on the United States’ political system is tremendous, and it is a well-known fact. The well-known public corporations have funded most of the Presidential Candidates in just about every Presidential election in the past few decades during their election campaigns. It is a known fact that the political candidates that are supported by the corporations have to return the favor once they win the elections by twisting the rules, guidelines, and the established laws for their benefits. The corporations need the support of the politicians to function smoothly and efficiently as without their backing they wouldn’t be able to bypass the laws from time to time, which is a fairly common practice.

In 2010, Citizens United filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court for allowing the corporations to spend an unlimited amount of money in the elections, and the Supreme Court decided in their favor. It made an open and legal way for the corporations and high net worth individuals to spend money in the elections and back their favorite political candidates. They could spend as much money as they want while staying anonymous or without any accountability. It made it difficult to trace at times as to where the funds are coming from. It became a legal way to corrupt the political system of the country and has caused the corporate lobby in the country’s political system to become very strong over the years.

End Citizens United is a PAC that was formed on March 1st, 2015 by Tiffany Mueller. End Citizens United was born out of the idea to filter the corporate money from the political system and change the decision by the Supreme Court. End Citizens United has been campaigning the reform of the finance system of the country since the time it was established, and it has gained much success since then. It is an entirely public funded political action committee and End Citizens United believes that in due course, it would be able to have enough political candidates inside the Senate to strengthen the end-BIG-Money lobby in the country’s political system. It would take time, but End Citizens United believes it is a journey that is worth it for the country’s sake.