Raffaele Riva, Polishing Financial Planning For Client Growth

Raffaele Riva’s initial involvement in the global financial services industry came after earning his undergraduate degree in Economics at the Catholic University of Sacred Heart in Milan Italy. He would later attend the same school, this time he studied to become a Certified Public Accountant. With degrees in hand, Raffaele Riva worked for several prominent organizations before solidifying his experience and education into full-time entrepreneurship. And in 2008, he established an international financial services firm, AUERA Multi-Family Office.

The office is actually multiple businesses operating under the same corporation, these include AUREA Consulenti Associati SA and BGB AUREA Limited. Raffaele Riva credits his love of reading and a lifelong curiosity and the wish to constantly strive for better results, as the keys to his success. Although AUERA is geared towards international markets for investments and financial planning, Raffaele Riva says what’s most important is to never lose sight of the clients’ best interests, which have to be at the forefront. Keeping in mind that the goal is to find investments that add genuine growth and increased their financial stability. Thereby, improving the overall quality of their lives.

When asked for the best advice to pass on other entrepreneurs, Raffaele Riva stated that every morning the first thing ask, how can make the lives of my clients better? And by better, he’s referring to going in-depth into “investment planning, wealth and asset management.” Finding ways to improve the financial portfolio of his clients. Raffaele Riva also suggested that entrepreneurs should stay up-to-date on current trends and explore all avenues related to learning. And be open to reading everything possible about developing strategies and emerging technology and follow relevant international business news. He regards satisfying the clients as the reason behind the expansion and organic growth of his businesses.