Unroll Me Is a Way To Declutter Digitally

You may be surprised by just how many email services you are subscribed to. These subscriptions can easily overload your inbox which can cause you to miss the important emails that you need to read. Fortunately, Unroll Me is here to help solve this problem and put all of your subscriptions in one place so you are free to read the important messages that you get. While a spam filter gets rid of spam, what about the subscriptions that you want to read but maybe not right now. If you are at work you might want to wait to read about the newest bargains from your favorite retailers.

Unroll Me works with most of the most popular email services in use today such as Gmail. The service is free and will automatically scan your inbox to gather all of your subscriptions into one place. This collection of subscriptions all goes into the daily “Rollup” which makes it not only to read it all in one place but also to unsubscribe from any of the services that you just aren’t interested in. In just a couple of minutes, Unroll Me can scan thousands of emails.

While the digest feature isn’t perfect, it’s largely accurate. It can sometimes miss a few subscriptions and sometimes even label things as a subscription that aren’t, but fortunately, the digest is easy to read and these mistakes can easily be caught. It just takes a couple of clicks to get the messages sent to the right place so they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

You even get to decide when you receive the daily Rollup from Unroll Me. If you decide that you want to read your subscriptions before you are scheduled to get your subscriptions, you can go to the website of Unroll Me and read it whenever you want. The Rollup has an edit mode that can send the messages to your inbox or even unsubscribing from the subscription altogether. Unroll Me may have its flaws, but with the recently released apps and other options, it’s getting even better for people who want to organize their digital clutter.