Dr. Eric Forthoefel Changing The Face Of Medicine

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is changing the face of emergency medicine. He fully understands what it’s like for patients who walk into the emergency room seeking immediate care. It can often be a very stressful and frightening experience. But Dr. Forsthoefel aims to transform the patient’s overall experience by helping doctors become more engaged.

Dr. Forsthoefel graduated from the University of Louisville School of Medicine in 2012. After completing his residency at Louisiana State University, he worked for six years as a emergency room doctor. It was there were Dr. Forsthoefel saw many deficiencies up close and personal.

Today, the doctor works in Tallahassee Florida where he specializes in trauma, cuts, cardiac stress, fractures and trauma. Dr. Forsthoefel points out that an emergency room doctor differs from a primary doctor because they have a variety of medical concerns they have to deal with as opposed just one.

“We are trained to deal with everything. And we do. We must always listen to the concerns of our patients and always be on our feet moving.”

Not only is the doctor serious about his work, he has hundreds of positive reviews to back it up. Dr. Forsthoefel’s patients have rated him among the highest in the state of Florida. They give him the highest marks in understanding the needs of the patient and quickly addressing medical concerns.

Dr. Forsthoefel also has the approval of the American Board of Emergency Medicine. He also holds certified licenses through both the states of Louisiana and Florida. He is fully qualified and trained to treat a wide range of medical ailments.

Dr. Forthoefel also points out that while emergency rooms by law cannot refuse anyone who comes for treatment, people should evaluate if their ailment before coming to the emergency room. People often go to the emergency room for issues that should be seen by primary care doctors. Of course, there is also the issue of uninsured people flooding into emergency rooms. Dr. Forthoefel says that is another issue that should be addressed.

However, Dr. Forthoefel says non-emergency issues can put a strain on emergency rooms. In fact, Florida has one of the highest rates of non-emergency room issues in the country. “People should never shy away from the ER if they really feel they need help. However, we do have a lot of cases that can really slow down the hospital and keep people who need immediate care from getting it,” said Dr. Forthoefel.

Dr. Forthoefel says he is very concerned about the situation becoming critical. He says more needs to be done in the way of not only educating people on what is and isn’t an emergency, but training doctors and staff on how to deal with these situations.

Dr. Forthoefel says it is his goal to broaden the medical profession all around. “We all need a better understanding of the patient-doctor relationship. Both parties can often take the other for granted.”

In the meantime, Dr. Forsthoefel says he will continue to seeing his patients and educating them about their health.