Why You Should Know Raj Fernando

Chicago is a blessed city. It has one of the biggest industries and good infrastructure in the whole country. Also, the city has highly successful businessmen who have amassed huge fortunes from a wide variety of industries. One of them is Raj Fernando, the founder and CEO of Scouthead.com.

Raj Fernando has vast wealth generated from large portfolios that are associated with him. He is the one behind the huge success of Capital Trading,a capital trading company located in Chicago. He founded the company in 2002 amidst struggles in the stock market. He built it from a regular startup to a multi-national entity with markets spread across the globe. Today, Capital Trading is one of the popular companies in large stock markets around the world. Though he decided to sell Capital Trading, Raj will remain in the company’s history as the man who dedicated his time and efforts to ensure it grows. Raj Fernando currently manages Scouthead.com where he oversees the company’s daily operations.

Through tenacity, courage, and resilience, he managed to reach at the top of his career at a young age. He started his career as a volunteer at Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He was later absorbed as one of the members of the exchange market. Raj then worked his way to the top of the stock market’s hierarchy culminating to board membership of Chicago Board of Trade.

Apart from business, Raj Fernando has a thing for politics and philanthropy. He is one of the prolific donors for the Democratic presidential aspirants. He is also a major donor to Clinton Foundation. At one time, Raj served as a board member of nuclear Intelligence Board. He has also served in other organizations initiated by the government.

Raj is also a motivational speaker who does not waste a chance he gets to inspire young people who are aspiring to be great investors. As a result of his exemplary work, he was selected to speak as a panelist of Trading Futures Commission. He is a graduate of Beloit College.

for more info : www.rajfernando.com

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