Victoria Doramus Is A Digital Marketing Professional Who Works To Help People In Need

Victoria Doramus is an entrepreneur and digital marketer who always finds the time to help out those who are in need. She has been working with many different charitable organizations over the years and continues to offer her support to Best Friends Animal Society, the Amy Winehouse Foundation, the Women’s Prison Association, and many more. It is her wish that everyone be as successful as they possibly can, and she gets a lot of satisfaction out of seeing others making their dreams come true.

Victoria Doramus has been working in the branding and advertising industries for many years and has been known to discover new ways to use marketing in today’s digital world. She studied at the University of Colorado – Boulder and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism and mass communication while there. Doramus believes that people should love themselves more and feels that self confidence is very important for people’s success. If she could go back in time and give herself a piece of advice, it would be to slow down and live life more fully.

Victoria Doramus has worked with many different well known companies and individuals over the years. Some of these include Creative Arts Agency, Mindshare, Stila Cosmetics, and Trendera. Her main focus with most of these companies was to help them out with their branding and marketing efforts. Doramus has also worked with the likes of Peter Berg, the producer and film director. She served as his personal assistant for some time and was happy to be able to broaden her horizons and experience in her sector during that time.

Victoria Doramus is excited about the way that companies are integrating data collection with regular, everyday devices. She enjoys using health devices that track her exercise and wellness levels. She has been able to make better health decisions because of these kinds of helpful devices. She also supports and volunteers at a local animal shelter.