Europe Should Help The New Ukraine Defend Itself For A Stronger And United Europe

A new Ukraine was born when President Viktor F. Yanukovych was removed from power. The revolution in Ukraine was yet again inspired by the hundreds of thousands of people who gather in in Maidan, at Kiev’s Independence Square that was stronger than ever even with direct military assault from the Russian forces that supported the separatists in eastern Ukraine. The spirit of the new Ukraine wants to build a country that is free from corruption and participatory democracy and people who decided to open their nation to modernity, and the unity of Europe.

It is just the beginning of defending the Ukraine’s territorial integrity from the separatists and also involvement in the constructive work of the country from opposition to nation building. However, the new Ukraine is faced with various challenges which can make the country go back to the old Ukraine. According to George Soros Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir V. Putin wants to destabilize Ukraine because he wants the country to go back to the state bureaucracy which existed with the former President.

Ukraine has undergone some social changes just as Georgia in 2004. In Georgia, when President Mikheil Saakashvili assumed power, he immediately replaced all the traffic police and removed the people who were taking bribes from the drivers, and the public had recognized that there were changes been implemented.

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George Soros – Project Syndicate

Although Russia had failed its mission of preventing changes in Ukraine after the pro-Russian President was evicted from office, they are now facing a deepening financial crisis. However, President Putin is still determined to destroy the new Ukraine before it has succeeded in fully establishing the reforms and before the current economic downturn kills his popularity. Some of the strategies Russia is using against Ukraine include financial and military pressure.

For instance, there was a recent scuffle where the city of Mariupol was attacked from forces NATO described to backed by the Russian troops. Russian has been actively involved in the Ukrainian politics but is still undermining NATO with the pretense that the separatists were acting on their own. With the pressure rising to force Ukraine’s government to its knees, its time Europe understands Ukraine needs to defend itself militarily and economically but it needs financial assistance from Europe.

George Soros explains that Ukraine needs about $15 billion as an immediate need and additional money to make the country survive and encourage private investment depending on the extent of the Russian assault and success of Ukraine’s reforms. As the European Union takes the process of assisting Ukraine too slow, Mr. Putin is exploiting the process to advance his objective of destroying what Ukraine has achieved so far.

It is time for Europe to realize that it is not the future of Ukraine that is at stake but the future of the European Union itself. If Russian succeeds in its agenda yet again, Europe will have to suffer the rule of force rather than the rule of law. But if Europe delivered the financial assistance needed, Russia will have no choice but to abandon its aggression.

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