Cone Marshall: Providing Advice And Assistance For International Entities In New Zealand

The New Zealand based law firm Cone Marshall is an international leader when it comes to New Zealand trust, estate and tax law. Located in Auckland, New Zealand Cone Marshall was established in 1999. The company works with families and provides advice and assistance with the establishment companies, partnerships and trusts. The firm also provides advice on tax planning and global wealth. Since its founding Cone Marshall has developed a reputation for following the highest principles related to tax and trust transparency and providing their clients with high-quality advice.

The principals of the firm are Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone. Before joining Cone Marshall in 2005, Karen Marshall spent 10 years working in the commercial litigation department of a law firm in London. With Cone Marshall where she became a principal in 2006, Marshall specializes in providing statutory trustee companies with advice. She also has a great deal of experience managing trusts. Attorney Geoffrey Cone has been involved in trustee, international trust, tax planning and trust management services since 1980. A recent article in a New Zealand Law Firm & Experts Directory says Geoffrey Cone is the quintessential tax lawyer.

Cone recently wrote an article entitled ‘New Zealand-A Model of Tax Transparency. In the piece he debunked the notion New Zealand has a banking industry that’s highly secretive and is a tax haven Cone pointed to the fact New Zealand subscribes to and is a member of the 2002 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Model Agreement on Exchange of Information on Tax Matters. The principles in this agreement are considered the gold standard when it comes to transparency. He explained that New Zealand is recognized internationally as being a jurisdiction that’s safe and stable as the reason so many foreign trusts are administered there.

People worldwide looking for a high-quality country, possessing good laws, a judiciary which is well-regarded as well as a legal and professional infrastructure that’s substantial are choosing to put their money in New Zealand. The country’s positive global reputation has led to strong investment growth. A privately held law practice, Cone Marshall doesn’t seek private clients. Instead they provide attorneys, private advisors, private banks and a variety of other institutions outside New Zealand with advice and assistance with their clients for establishing structures, trusts, succession, full local tax and structuring. All enquiries to Cone Marshall are completely confidential and protected under legal professional privilege.

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