Choosing People over Profit

Making A Difference

The world of the software industry often receives a cold, heartless reputation. So many people associate software companies with billionaires, invasive mobile apps, and a profit motivation that excludes any desire to help in the name of the common good. Eric Pulier aims to get rid of all those associations with the philanthropy he has made his life work. As a former child prodigy Pulier has always known what it takes to advance software into new areas. Instead of trying to become yet another tech billionaire he used his knack for innovation to help those with the greatest need.

The World’s First Private Social Network

Starbright World is perhaps the most amazing invention of Eric Pulier. Designed to help chronically ill children connect with others facing similar conditions this website served as the world’s first private social network. It predated the likes of Facebook and Twitter to give the world a taste of what was yet to come. The work he did on that website, alongside a number of other ventures, led to attention from then President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore.

Changing The World

Eric Pulier’s most important projects are probably those involving the Clinton Global Initiative. At the meetings hosted by the Clinton Global Initiative Pulier discusses ways to solve some of the most important issues facing the world. Global warming, antibiotic resistant bugs, and similar issues are the sort of thing discussed. The work he does now isn’t motivated by any profit motive or any other self-centered reason. He does everything with the lives of others firmly in mind.


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