Why You Should Follow Boris Ivanov Gazprom

Boris Ivanov Gazprom is a BD Manager of the Moscow Russian federation. He is the key account sales manager. He’s a man set for greatness as he moves from one level to another, leaving successful trails. He was born in Russia but can speak other languages like English, German, and French. It is understandable bearing in mind he has worked with international companies.

He recently worked with TDE as its general manager. The company provides services and innovative technology to oil and gas oriented businesses. Using the ProNova system, he’s been able to assess the time used to drill a well and whether it’s practical. He uses available resources to improve the production of a company.

Boris Ivanov Gazprom started as a data processing analyst, where he worked as a business development manager. During that time, he contributed to the building of a real-time operational center (RTOC) through which he analyzed over 500 wells. RTOC is a facility that allows engineers from Europe and Russia to analyze wells in the world without necessarily been physically present.

Other Successful Job Contributions

During the period between 2009 and 2011 august before he joined TDE, Boris Ivanov Gazprom worked as a project manager at Weatherford. He was the first deputy director-general for strategy at a military aircraft design company in Russia. He also worked as the vice president of oil and gas company known as Unibest Bank.

You can identify him with oil and gas as he has majorly contributed to companies in that industry. However, his career started as a Minister for Foreign Affairs from 1983 -1993. He led various units, including the U.S-Russian Relations and Arms Control.


The education journey has contributed significantly to the success of Boris Ivanov Gazprom. He has a master’s degree in an automated control system from Samara State Aerospace University. He has another master’s degree from Samara State Technical University for the development and exploitation of gas and oil. He recently did his Ph.D. for drilling in Russian State Gubkin University of Oil and Gas.


Some of his accomplishments include interviews with leading oil and gas magazines, minimized the time used to drill wells by introducing modern equipment and technology.

He is an analyst, business developer, and excellent manager of assets.