Having Fabulous Hair Is Simpler Than You Think

Have you ever wondered how today’s models or celebrities with luscious hair maintain such beautiful locks? If you’re anything like me, I know you have…and I’m sure you have tried a varied assortment of hair care products over the years too- just like me. And I can imagine you’ve also ran the gambit of visiting salons and trying out different hairstyles over the decades too. Research states that the average female stops by a salon up to five times in a year. That’s a lot of dinero. And according to inc.com, most women take part in changing the color of their hair more frequently than paying a visit to a doctor for a physical. So, it’s a no brainer to realize that women are keenly desiring great hair and wanting to maintain the day-to-day looks of their strands. And it’s not just about self-interest either, research also states that the average male is more attracted to women who possess good hair! So, it’s pretty certain- having healthy, beautiful hair is very important. But, how do we gals go about getting the best hair around…even when we can’t afford a celebrity stylist?

Firstly, in order to maintain the strength of your hair on a daily basis. One needs to shampoo, condition, and style their hair frequently. Whether your hair is thin or thick, short or long, curly or straight- keeping one’s hair clean and refreshed is omni-important in having luxurious, vibrant hair. Using a moisturizing conditioner is vital for keeping hair softer and healthier too. And styling hair daily maintains the overall beauty and flexibility of your hair locks. Make sure the shampoo you choose is protein enriched and fortifying, specifying for all types of hair. Use conditioners that are moisture-rich if your hair is dry. If your hair is oily, try a conditioner that is purifying and organic. And no matter what hair type, style your hair with either sponge rollers or hairbrush curler. If you’re using a heated curling tool, limit the amount of time when styling. Too much heat can damage hair follicles and cause unwanted frizz. And never forget to brush your mane. Contrary to what some hair stylists say regarding vigorous brushing, it’s actually a proven fact that the more your hair strands are brushed on a regular basis…the shinier and manageable your hair will become day by day. And it will help put an end to split ends too! Basically, keeping up this regiment doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money and time out of your life. All you need is a little know-how and readily use good quality hair care products in order to sustain the beauty of your invaluable tresses.

One fantastic quality hair care product around these days to ever hit the market is Wen by Chaz. It’s a world-known hair care company that was established by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean. The trendy all-natural hair care products are formulated with organic elements that keep hair looking full, bouncy, healthy and beautiful. Wen’s most beloved and sought after sulfate-free 5-in-one cleansing conditioner is created with the finest ingredients, such Panthenol, Rosemary Extract, Wild Cherry Bark, Chamomile Extract, and Glycerin. Globally, consumers testify how their hair looks and feels softer, stronger, and fundamentally fuller after using Wen products. All of Wen’s incredibly nourishing contents are formulated to give your hair the best make-over imaginable- and it’s just one of several hair care products Wen produces for women to indulge in and love for a lifetime. Since the beauty brand’s inception back in 2000, Wen has only grown in popularity on retailmenot.com and continues to boast of more countless hair care products to entice consumers- women and men alike.

Wen’s founder Chaz Dean is as spiffy as the hair care line he invented more than 17 years ago. According to Crunchbase, this Vermont- born native was raised by loving adopted parents in New Jersey and began an early appreciation for the arts and a strong work ethic at a young age. As a boy, he worked a paper route and later found an interest in photography. After making a move to Southern California in his young adulthood, Chaz Dean, the man behind WEN, studied commercial photography. Shortly after working his talents in the field, Chaz developed a love for ‘capturing beauty’- which eventually led him to find his sheer passion for hair design. The crystal blue-eyed artist followed his dreams- first working with a hair care company and later as a stylist in a fashionable salon in Bel Air, California. It wasn’t long after when Chaz realized his ambitions and started his own hair salon and registry in Hollywood- which now boasts of a top-notch celebrity clientele. Shortly after working as an A-list stylist, Chaz invented his unique hair care brand, Wen. And the rest is what we hair care enthusiasts could call, hairlock history.