Genucel By Chamonix Targets Younger Customers

A change in the direction of customer demographics was decided by the leadership of Genucel by Chamonix. The company chose to revolutionize their business model by adjusting their marketing, business practices and target customer by viewing a younger demographic as a profitable niche to market to. Being a skincare company, Genucel could not help but notice that looking towards a generation of shoppers a couple of decades younger than the generation of shoppers they use to market to would be a good idea.

According to, skincare items were purchased by older women. Women looking to firm up their skin again. Women seeking solutions for wrinkles and crow’s feet. Women wanting products to moisture back into their skin. These women usually were middle age or elderly. TOday’s consumer of skincare products are twenty-something-year-old career women who see natural and sometimes luxury skincare as a need. The heads as Genucel gathered together and decided it would be a wiser decision to take the company down a new direction by speaking to millennial consumers.

Genucel eventually saw that millennial consumers are more knowledgable and aware of skincare products. They require transparency and honesty about the types of ingredients in the products they chose to buy. They demand for companies to have a mission and to stick to that mission. They prefer companies with missions that are focused on the well-being of the world around us. Genucel was able to meet the demands of millennials by creating products made of active ingredients and products that warded off premature aging of the skin.

Genucel has it all. If the skin is lacking firmness, they have formulated plant-based products to firm up the skin. If the skin is lacking hydration, they have created products extract from green tea leaves and berries to add hydration back into the skin. Products made with peptides help the skin to create collagen were created by their team at Genucel for people wanting more collagen in their skin. For those wanting an overall healthy skin care item, they have formulated many of their products with vitamins that nourish and moisturize the skin. Ultimately, this company has gone from marketing towards one generation to a younger generation that loves plant-based procut lines. To see more about Genucel visit

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