30 Life Hacks for Weight Loss When You Are Lazy

If you are lazy but still want to lose some weight, you will probably want to do it the lazy way, right? Wengie has create 30 Lazy Life Hacks for Weight Loss That Actually Work. Here are some of those Life Hacks:



  • Lemon and Cucumber Water-This one is pretty simple, just add the juice of one lemon, one cucumber cut up and ten mint leaves to two liters of water, then drink up!
  • Drinking Water- Just drink up to 2 cups of cold water a day to boost metabolism up by 30%.
  • Using Different Plates and Bowls-Use a smaller plate or bowl when eating.
  • Use Different Colors- Just change up the colors of your plate to the colors of your food.
  • Sleep The Right Amount-Getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep a day can help with metabolism and stress.
  • Eat Certain Fats- Eat monounsaturated fats in the morning.
  • Turning Down The Heat- Just turn down the thermostat a couple degrees.
  • Clothing Choices-Instead of wearing PJ’s around the house, wear gym clothes around.
  • The Best Time to Exercise-The best time to exercise is at the beginning of the week, aka monday.
  • Wearing The Right Wrist Gear-Just simply always wear a pedometer around your wrist.

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