ClassDojo, Leaders in Edtech Products.

ClassDojo is a classroom application developed for communication platform in the classroom established in 2011. ClassDojo was formed on the basis that it would give parents, teachers and students authority to have phenomenal classrooms. ClassDojo is based in San Francisco, California and is among the fastest growing technology that has millions of users in education centers creating community of users who can share what is going on in schools through sharing media posts.

90% of tutors use classDojo, students and parents in K-8 education centers in the United States and more than a hundred other countries around the globe as found in 2 in 3 schools. ClassDojo’s establishment team comprises of engineers, designers, and educators coming from all over the world who integrate their ideas to bring out a system that is creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools. The team has backgrounds in both the public and chartered schools also social media platforms such as Facebook.

ClassDojo is among the education technology companies that are making investors look up as of the recent upswing to reach 1.4 billion U.S. Dollars by PitchBook account. The Edtech is a success as they can make learning activity fun for students and a lot more comfortable for the tutors. The Edtech producers while tapping the education market they approach the teachers so at to convince them to have the application as the administrative staff consults tutors before making a purchase.

Unfortunately, not many of this Edtech products are making it in the market as they face a lot of expectation by the teachers. A program would not necessarily make its way to a classroom before the need emerges. Therefore, Edtech companies are required to be on their toes in providing what is necessary.

Edtech companies have a problem as they tend to assume to know what the teachers, parents, students want, and they end up failing as they usually need connection, empowerment and ground-up change. The Edtech is supposed to have a talk with teachers and find out the problems that they go through before making the app. ClassDojo has been able to succeed as the co-founder Sam Chaudhary was committed to talking to the involved parties from children to tutors during the development process.

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  1. What I love about this application is the part where it allows for a communication between the teachers, parents and the students, its really good for assessment. I agree with essayontime because the application will help the group assess the areas where there is a gap in the training of any student and from there measures are put in place to address the problem.

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