The New Role that Lori Senecal Will be Taking up at the rispin Porter + Bogusky advertising agency

Lori Senecal will be the new CEO of the Rispin Porter +bogusky advertising agency. Up until the appointment to the position, which she will be taking up in September, Lori has been acting as the CEO of the Kirshebaum Bond Senecal Agency. She will assume the new role starting from September this year. ED Borjedi will fill the position that has been left vacant. The overall head of the company, Miles Nandall, made this announcement. He stated that in addition to the new leadership role, Lori would be joining the board of directors heading the parent organization that hosts the company. Check out Adweek to know more.


In her new position as CEO, she will only be reporting to the overall president of the company, Miles Nandall. Miles congratulated Lori on her appointment, noting that she was the most suitable candidate for the position. He confided that they started looking for a way to expand the network last year, and one of the measures they came up with was to get an agency that would be dealing with the strategic growth of the MDC Network Specifically. He was pleased by the fact that the model had been started a while back and during all this time, Lori had been handling it, but in an informal capacity. What was impressive, according to him was the manner in which she had taken up the responsibility and made a massive success out of it for the past five years she had been on it. For more details visit Adweek.


The idea of creating the agency came from some of the managers who felt that it was the time the company started focusing more on their strategic growth. The ultimate goal of the company is to develop the capacity they need to ensure that they can make global pitches in the end. The experience Lori has with other businesses similar to the agency is the experience that she brings to the table, hence the confidence of the team that appointed her.


Her responsibility will include working with Andre La Coste who is the chief officer of operations. Lori Senecal was born in Montreal Canada. She started her school in Canada but got an opportunity to study corporate law in the US. She is married to Bill Grogan, and they have a beautiful family. She does engage in some charity causes when she is not working. She is an inspirational business leader in the community.


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