Adam Sender Unloads Huge Art Collection

When a hedge fund manager makes a transition to the art world as an art collector some eyebrows may raise. One jobs makes money. The other one can involves spending money. Adam Sender did a smart thing, however, by earning money as a hedge fund manager in order to secure a vast collection of artwork.

It may be difficult to envision how much an art collector can retrieve from letting go of some of this artwork. People that aspire to do this, however, may be encouraged when they realize that Sender is making so much money selling art that he will never need to return to his hedge fund manager job. In fact, there are few people in the world that can say that they have been able to make such a huge transition to another field and make so much money. Adam Sender, however, has made a new life for himself in the world of art collecting. He had sold multiple paintings, and it is believed that the art collection – that is for sale – could yield as much as $80 million. This is a fantastic amount for someone that has watched the art market and made very smart investments.

Sender is a big deal because he purchased art that he has held on to for years. He had been able purchase art from people that are no longer producing any art. Sender has watched the market and waited like someone that was waiting for fine wines to mature. Adam loves art, but after collecting over 400 pieces it has become easier for him to let go of some of these pieces in order to earn a return on his investment.

The collection that Sender has amassed is huge. There are more than 100 artists that have contributed to this collection of artwork. It is evident that Sender knew what he was doing when it got started because he was relentless about this pursuit of this art. Sender loved it enough to actually move away from his old job completely. In other words, he saw something that he was passionate about, and he managed to turn it into something that was profitable.

There are quite a few people that are interested in the artwork that Sender has presented. He has moved one from hedge fund manager to becoming an authority on art. This is a major accomplishment. He could have chosen a lot of other professions. Sender could have even continued to live his life in the business world. He stepped out on faith and managed to bring his collection full circle. He has collected art, appreciated it and now he is getting the chance to sell it.

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