Nicolas Cage Movies Worth Watching


One look into Nicolas Cage filmography makes clear that he is one of the more interesting actors of his time. His quirks and eccentricities bring on a level similar to that of Christopher Walken. While he has put in some great performances in his films, some of his other films have left people scratching their heads in an amused fashion at Cage’s screen antics. The following are Nicolas Cage films that are worth watching.


Gone In 60 Seconds


A remake of a classic, this film stars Nicolas Cage as someone who is stealing cars to save his brother. This is actually one of Cage’s more subdued performances.


The Rock


A famous film produced by Jerry Brukheimer and directed by Michael Bay before Transformers. A relic of a time when Michael Bay was respected by fans as a filmmaker, The Rock places Nicolas Cage with Sean Connery. While this is also a subdued performance, there is a scene where Cage has his Cage-like outbursts.




This is perhaps one of the films where Nicolas Cage is allowed to shine. He actually plays two roles opposite of John Travolta. First he plays his role, then he plays John Travolta’s role with John Travolta playing as Cage.


Vampire’s Kiss


This is Nicolas Cage at his most eccentric. While some people think Cage’s character is in fact a vampire, the film actually goes into the life of someone who undergoes a delusional episode in which he thinks he is a vampire.   It’s so irreverent and trippy you could almost call it one of the best movies to watch on acid.

Why Soros’ comeback should worry republicans

Democrats have a reason to smile. The reemergence of George Soros seems to be working in their favor. The multi-billionaire hasn’t been into politics since 2004. Then, he was fighting to see to it that the former president, George W. Bush, didn’t win the elections. He did this by funding the campaigns of the opponents. He spent over $27 million during that period. Since then, the businessman has been on the low on matters of politics, until now. As the 2016 elections edge closer, Soros is re-emerging. George Soros’ support for the Democrats is clear by the way he is spending money on their campaign.

Until now, Soros has donated and pledged over $25 million for the Democrats. Most of the funds have gone to Hillary Clinton, the Democrats’ presidential candidat on Other Democratic candidates have also benefited from Soros’ donations. This is according to the Democratic fundraising operatives. Associates of the wealthy investor have suggested that Soros is expected to pump in more funds as the D-day approaches. Soros got his wealth by undertaking risky currency trades. The trades earned him an alleged $24.9 billion.

Part of the reason that Soros is supporting Clinton is because the two have been allies for over 20 years. George Soros had eve planned to attend the Democratic convention, an event that would see Clinton being officially crowned as the preferred Democratic presidential candidate. He, however, didn’t attend the event. Sources close to Soros state that the businessman was caught up analyzing and monitoring Europe’s financial situation, since he had gone back to active trading.

What makes Soros’ comeback quite noticeable is the fact he seems rejuvenated, and is giving the political scene on NY Times all the attention he can. This is unlike the other years. Those close to him explain this by stating that, his commitment to the democrats is due to his unshakable faith in Hillary Clinton. What makes the commitment even deeper is the fact that, Soros has been known to be Trump’s rival for long. He, at some point, even compared the way Trump stoked fear to his employees to work of ISIS. Michael Vachon, Soros’ advisor, also conquers that his boss has been active politically. Vachon states that Soros’ spending has been exceptionally high this time. He, however, states that the reason to this is that, Trump’s ideologies don’t conquer with what Soros stands for.

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New Year, New Cosmetics — New You!


With the advent of each new year, people often make resolutions. Many of those resolutions are difficult (if not impossible) to fulfill. “I’m going to lose fifty pounds by Spring” or “I’m going to give that professional ice skating career one more shot” and other unreasonable declarations can be heard across the country. Maybe this year is the time to resolve to invent a “new you” in a way that can actually be attained. A visit to a new and different hairstylist who has no preconceived notions about your past haircuts or lifestyle can produce a positive change that helps alter and self-esteem. Trying a new, forward-thinking cosmetic line will also make a noticeable difference that can range from subtle to downright head-turning.


One of the cosmetics lines that has the products to accomplish this resolution is Lime Crime. Their founder has a background in the rock music industry, causing the makeup to always be on the leading edge of fashion. The colors range from deeply saturated and vivid to subtle and fresh. They are designed to be infinitely more user-friendly than many cosmetics lines — especially valuable for the inexperienced people trying to get out of their old makeup rut. The products are reasonably priced, which is surprising considering that no expense was spared during their manufacture.


Pinterest tells us that Lime Crime makeup is cruelty-free and vegan — a philosophy about which it’s founder is absolutely unwavering. The purchase of these cosmetics will do no harm to you, the animal kingdom or the world. That makes this company one that people want to support, which surely accounts for it’s rapid growth and acceptance in the fashion world.


The beautiful colors and textures range from smooth velvets, to moist glosses, to attention-grabbing metallics. Shaking up your makeup routine does not mean suddenly becoming a garish spectacle. Start out subtle, incorporating new shades in the type of products you already use. Or perhaps switch from matte to metallic, or from lipstick to gloss. Once you take a look at the line itself, it’s easy to see why it’s become a style favorite.   Read reviews on the Lime Crime website, and compare prices with other major retailers like Urban Outfitters here.

Black Card

They say that nine out of ten new business start-ups fail, due to many reasons. But with Billy McFarland, just the opposite is true. Nine out of ten new business start-ups with which he is involved, succeed.

McFarland started his first business at the ripe young age of 13. It helps local businesses find customers successfully. When he was but a freshman in college at Bucknell University, he started Spling, a specialty company that remakes the URL of a business into a graphic.

This enables a great deal of flexibility in helping to brand the company and improve content for marketing purposes. McFarland is the CEO of this still successful and profitable concern.

In 2013 at the age of 23, Billy McFarland launched a company named Magnises, which is geared solely towards millennials and their needs. Whether an individual is just starting out at a new job or is entrenched in a career, Magnises is a unique and fun company for which they can become involved.

For the $250 annual membership fee, millennials can join and get impressive discounts and perks at many of their favorite hangouts such as restaurants, clubs, bars, events, nightspots, travel, concerts, and special occasions.

An exclusive “Black Card” copies the information from the member’s credit or debit card onto its magnetic strip and is used for payment at the appropriate business partners while at the same time applying the discount.

Membership has gone through the roof at the two current locations of New York City and Washington, with well over 10,000 active members. The numbers keep growing too, as the Black Card has become quite the status possession. Members enthusiastically endorse anyone in their group to join, if they haven’t already because it is deemed necessary to meet the right people.

Millennials are described by McFarland as those young entrepreneurs, professionals, and manager types who are moving up in their careers and fall in the age range of 21 through 35. They thrive on socializing, getting together, bragging about their exploits, and exchanging business contacts.

The overwhelming success in these few short years has spurred the thoughts of expansion to other metro areas where more millennials are anxiously awaiting Magnises to arrive. The future looks very positive, indeed for Billy McFarland. NFL Bettors Love It

When it comes to NFL bettors, they know their stuff. This is not something they do as a hobby or something that they do the heck of it. It is something they take with a great deal of seriousness. It is a way of life for them. Don’t get me wrong, it is tons of fun and very enjoyable, but everyone knows it is a lot better when someone wins. That is the ultimate goal at the end of the day with NFL odds. Everything is always sweeter when someone wins and they win big.

The biggest time to win big is during the Super Bowl, and has some of the most extensive Super Bowl coverage out there. They leave nothing to chance and they go all out. It is like Christmas. When it comes to the Super Bowl odds, even people that are not football fans are on The Super Bowl has a way of bringing everyone together and uniting them. They love to watch every play and they even bet on things like the coin toss! That is why Bettors tell all of their friends and family to visit They know they are going to get the straight scoop and they are going to get it from the best in the business.

Recently, on Monday Night Football, there was a great game, as it usually is, between the Patriots and the Ravens. The Patriots are a great NFL that has had a lot of success, but the Ravens always seem to give them fits and have had success against them, especially in the playoffs. It is always a game to watch, without question. On, they had a betting preview on the game and talked about the line. Each game gets its day in court, as they say. There is no such thing as a meaningless game to them and they take the big games very seriously.

Now, as we are about to enter week 15 of the NFL, every game is bigger than the next. Nothing can be left to chance and nothing can be overlooked. Now, it is time to get into second gear and really run with it and make some serious cash. This will come in especially handy during the holidays as it allow more gifts for yourself and the people in your life that you love and care about deeply.

Glenn Beck Twists George Soros’s Holocaust Survival Story, Labels Him Anti-Semetic

Glenn Beck’s fascination with conspiracy theories has led him to walk down the well-worn road of blaming the Jewish people for seeking to create a one-world government. At the heart of this witch hunt was billionaire George Soros, whom Beck publicly accused of creating a shadow government that has been secretly pulling the strings behind world events. His documentary was called ‘Puppet Master’.

In Glenn Beck’s twisted reality, George Soros is anti-Semetic and has a history of oppressing the Jewish people. Never mind that Soros himself is Jewish. In the book “Soros: The Life and Times of a Messianic Billionaire”, biographer Michael Kaufman details the minutiae of Soros’s early life in Nazi Germany. As a youngster he was looked after by a Christian protector and was able to escape the horrors of the concentration camps.

At a certain point, Soros’s benefactor is made to give an account for the items in a Jewish aristocrat’s estate and he took Soros along. Soros meandered on the grounds and was said to have ridden on a horse. According to Beck, this translates to Soros’s personally confiscating the lands and properties of his Jewish brethren. Beck finds the fact that Soros survived the brutal regime of the Nazi’s to be fodder for suspicion and wild theories. Soros, who has lived through Nazism and communism, has never appeared to show an interest in addressing the claims of his accusers.

In Hungary, where Soros was born, the Holocaust was particularly ferocious. Even when other countries had left off their extermination of the Jewish people, those following SS-Obersturmbannführer Adolf Eichmann had a sick determination to complete the annihilation of the Jews. Few made it through his reign of terror alive.

At 14 years old, George Soros was a messenger for Budapest Jewish Council, a group of scared and aged elders, who thought it was best to try to do everything the Gestapo wanted in order to be spared. Soros’s father counseled him to defy their desires and to warn the Jewish community of pick-up points in the city. Soros recalled a man who told him he had been law-abiding his entire life, and that he didn’t intend to break the law now. It was often those who were most law-abiding who were captured and sent to the gas chambers.

Most of those who made their way out of Hungary did so by assuming false identities, bribing officers, and through deception. Humanitarian Raoul Wallenberg helped those fleeing Budapest by forging passports and by engaging the Nazi officers with bribery. Beck’s twisting of the harsh realities of Nazi Germany to fit his own narrative is delusional at best, and cruel and highly irresponsible at worst.

Beck goes further still to find fault in Soros’s role in the fall of communism. After the fall of the Nazi’s, Hungary was gripped by a tightly controlled community regime. Every typewriter had to be registered by the police, but George Soros found ways to smuggle Xerox machines into the country. This helped to radically increase the spread of information, and in 1984, Soros opened his first Open Office. Soon Open Offices were spreading throughout the Soviet Union.

When toasting Soros’s 80th birthday, it was said by Lord Mark Malloch Brown that four people had brought down communism: Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II, and George Soros. In a time when Beck’s audience accepts what he says as truth, we would do well to remember the words of journalist Kati Marton’s father, whose own father and mother were killed by the Nazi’s. He said, “It always starts with words. Words matter.”

Learn about George Soros and Open Society Foundations
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Kabbalah Centre for Religious Beliefs

Growing spiritually can sometimes be difficult for the average person. You might figure that you can join the Jewish temple if this is your current religion and figure everything out with the help of other people who are working there. What you might not realize is that there is an ancient practice that a lot of people are making use of known as the Kabbalah. The Kabbalah is an ancient Jewish practice and way of teaching that a lot of people are interested in now a days. If this has been something that you are interested in yourself, it might be a good idea for you to think about learning it by a facility that does this type of teaching for a living.

One of the best spiritual facilities out there for learning about the Kabbalah is known as the Kabbalah Center. The Kabbalah Centre has been around for quite some time now and it’s home to thousands of members who call it their place of worship each and every week. If you are interested in learning the Kabbalah, the Kabbalah Centre is definitely the place you should check out and something that you will find to be more beneficial than you could ever even imagine just because of the way that it teaches people on a routine basis.

There are so many different ways for you to learn Kabbalah and a lot of people assume that they can teach themselves on their own. While this might work for some people, it is often difficult for you to teach Kabbalah to yourself without having any religion knowledge of it in the first place. This is why it might be a good idea for you to check out the Kabbalah Center and see if it is right for you because it is one of the best ways for you to grow spiritually and know that you are doing something great for yourself and for your loved ones who might be going to the center with you. Lots of people are visiting the Kabbalah Centre each and every day for their own spiritual benefits and this might be good for you as well.

Choosing People over Profit

Making A Difference

The world of the software industry often receives a cold, heartless reputation. So many people associate software companies with billionaires, invasive mobile apps, and a profit motivation that excludes any desire to help in the name of the common good. Eric Pulier aims to get rid of all those associations with the philanthropy he has made his life work. As a former child prodigy Pulier has always known what it takes to advance software into new areas. Instead of trying to become yet another tech billionaire he used his knack for innovation to help those with the greatest need.

The World’s First Private Social Network

Starbright World is perhaps the most amazing invention of Eric Pulier. Designed to help chronically ill children connect with others facing similar conditions this website served as the world’s first private social network. It predated the likes of Facebook and Twitter to give the world a taste of what was yet to come. The work he did on that website, alongside a number of other ventures, led to attention from then President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore.

Changing The World

Eric Pulier’s most important projects are probably those involving the Clinton Global Initiative. At the meetings hosted by the Clinton Global Initiative Pulier discusses ways to solve some of the most important issues facing the world. Global warming, antibiotic resistant bugs, and similar issues are the sort of thing discussed. The work he does now isn’t motivated by any profit motive or any other self-centered reason. He does everything with the lives of others firmly in mind.


Compliance Officers Authority

The number of ethics and compliance officers in organizations continues to increase. However, the incidents of corporate fraud have not stopped. A report from Sterling Management CEO explains further that compliance officers do not have the knowledge and power to carry out their duties to ensure that corporate fraud scandals do not happen. For instance, in the Volkswagen emissions software scandal, although the compliance officers would not have discovered the software was illegal, they would have avoided the scandal by exerting a proactive effect on the culture producing it. Low salaries are also seen to be a contributing factor. A compliance officer in such a large firm will not have authority over executives who earn more than them.

Ethics and compliance officers should improve their governance and effectiveness in performing their duties. They can do this if they are placed in positions that give them authority in the organizations. Executives should not be allowed to assume the duties of compliance officers. The ethics and compliance office should be a full-time position for the one working there, and only qualified personnel with relevant qualities should be allowed to work there.

Compliance officers need to have adequate skills and be able to act and work in a professional manner for other people to take them seriously. Compliance workers also need to have outstanding managerial and critical thinking skills to enable them to solve issues before they escalate. A compliance officer to consider is Helane Morrison.

Helane Morrison is the Chief Compliance Officer at Hall Capital Partners LLC as well as a member of the executive committee. Ms. Morrison is a well-known lawyer who practiced law at the San Francisco law firm from 1896 to 1996 when she became a partner. She also served under the Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun in 1985 to 1986 before switching to private practice.

Helane Morrison is a member of the Regional Parks Foundation Board as well as the Hedge Fund Subcommittee that oversees American Bar Association. She also speaks from time to time on topics involving compliance and legal issues that affect investment advisors as well as issues concerning private funds.



Why You Should Know Raj Fernando

Chicago is a blessed city. It has one of the biggest industries and good infrastructure in the whole country. Also, the city has highly successful businessmen who have amassed huge fortunes from a wide variety of industries. One of them is Raj Fernando, the founder and CEO of

Raj Fernando has vast wealth generated from large portfolios that are associated with him. He is the one behind the huge success of Capital Trading,a capital trading company located in Chicago. He founded the company in 2002 amidst struggles in the stock market. He built it from a regular startup to a multi-national entity with markets spread across the globe. Today, Capital Trading is one of the popular companies in large stock markets around the world. Though he decided to sell Capital Trading, Raj will remain in the company’s history as the man who dedicated his time and efforts to ensure it grows. Raj Fernando currently manages where he oversees the company’s daily operations.

Raj Fernando’s blossoming career did not come out of the blues. It came systematically through different steps characterized by difficulties. Through tenacity, courage, and resilience, he managed to reach at the top of his career at a young age. He started his career as a volunteer at Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He was later absorbed as one of the members of the exchange market. Raj then worked his way to the top of the stock market’s hierarchy culminating to board membership of Chicago Board of Trade.

Apart from business, Raj Fernando has a thing for politics and philanthropy. He is one of the prolific donors for the Democratic presidential aspirants. He is also a major donor to Clinton Foundation. At one time, Raj served as a board member of nuclear Intelligence Board. He has also served in other organizations initiated by the government.

Raj is also a motivational speaker who does not waste a chance he gets to inspire young people who are aspiring to be great investors. As a result of his exemplary work, he was selected to speak as a panelist of Trading Futures Commission. He is a graduate of Beloit College.

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