Betsy Devos: More School Options for Students

The current system of public schools has failed the youth. I can see it in the dwindling numbers of graduating classes and how it has become expected and accepted as the norm for students to endure through. More students from underprivileged areas are opting out of school and getting a GED to join the work force, because they have too many obstacles to pursue higher education. While other students drop out and usually make a living off of crime until they are arrested and put in jail, where they will be even more indoctrinated to criminal lifestyles and will become their career, with them going in and out of jail for the remainder of their life. In my opinion, this is the definition of broken.

One of the major causes for this huge rift between the socio-economical demographics is the fact that students do not get the appropriate approach to their learning style in a school system that has a mantra of “one size fits all” and also has had leanings towards to the left side of the political aisle. The school boards do not do anything to improve failing schools in the inner city areas, where crime is rampant and a constant detriment to a student’s education, and continues to facilitate the schools with low budgets that hinder students even further. Also, the fact that teachers are nearly impossible to fire in public school systems due to their Union reps, it is safe to say that there are underwhelming teachers out there that have no incentive to improve and provide the utmost effort to educating the class. Visit the website U.S. Department of Education to know more.

Betsy Devos plans to change the school system by allowing students and parents to have more control in choosing the schools they wish to attend to for education. By removing taxes that pay for public schools and attaching those to the child and parents, then schools will have to compete for enrollment, which will improve education as a whole. Through the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation she has donated $139 million collectively over the years since its establishment in 1989. These contributions focus primarily on furthering education, community, arts, leadership and justice for institutions such as: hospitals, health research, art organizations, evangelical missions, Christian schools and conservative, free market think-tanks. DeVos is a member of the Foundation for Excellence in Education which is known for introducing policy changes to the current school system since 2007. Betsy Devos has also served for the Alliance for School as well as the Action Institute; she currently heads the All Children Matter political action committee. I think that Betsy DeVos has a great idea in bringing competition into the school market and it will improve education. Visit to know more about Betsy.

Mikhail Blagosklonny’s Uses Oncotarget to Come Up with New Plans for Rejuvenation Therapy

Despite the fact that there is no cure for cancer, there are many treatment options that make it easy for people to be able to get more out of the options that they have and that make it better for them to feel better while they are battling cancer. Thanks to Mikhail Blagosklonny, these treatments have gotten better throughout the years and they have continued to improve. He is not solely responsible for coming up with the ideas to help treat cancer but he has come up with the ideas that will make it easier to connect with those who are working together for the cure for cancer. Visit ResearchGate to keep up to date with Mikhail’s latest work.

As Oncotarget continues to grow, Mikhail Blagosklonny wants to make sure that people are getting what they need out of the different research methods that are common and popular in the cancer treatment industry. He recognizes that not only oncologists are able to make things better for the cancer patients. It takes a team of people to be able to make things better and to come up with ideas. Some of the most common cancer treatment methods that people use in the medical field have come directly from other medical professionals in the areas that they work in.

With Oncotarget, all of the medical professionals who are able to do research are able to publish the results of their research in the publication. This is something that Mikhail Blagosklonny has worked hard for and is very interested in. He wants to show people that they don’t have to just rely on some of the basic things to be able to get what they need out of the experiences that they have. He also wants people to know that different medical specialists who are able to connect with each other can make a huge difference in the world that they are a part of.

Oncotarget is expected to grow and include many more specialists who are doing research in the future. He is doing everything that he can to get more people out of the different publications and there are many different areas that are going to all work together to come up with the treatment options for cancer. They may not be able to combine this research to help people with the options that they need to make things better for everyone by curing cancer but they can come up with the chance to help people be more comfortable while battling cancer. View Mikhail’s profile on Google Scholar

All of the things that Mikhail Blagosklonny has done with his career have led up to his ability to use rejuvination treatment. He wants to show people what they can get out of the different situations and that they will get more out of the options that they have. He wants to show people that there is a lot of opportunity in the field and that they can all help each other out. While medical specialists used to be divided on the things that they did, Oncotarget is working to bring them all together.

Fabletics is Taking on Retail

Fabletics is a great online company and not they have decided to take on the retail market. You might be wondering if you should go online and get your Fabletics or if you should go into the store.


Fabletics for Online Customers

Fabletics started online and was created by Kate Hudson. She saw a need for exercise clothing that was high quality as well as comfortable and could be worn for many things. They work with a subscription service that allows you to set up your account and pay a monthly fee. Then the exercise clothing can be sent to you every month and you won’t have to go looking for your next exercise outfit in a store, unless you want to. That’s where the Fabletics store comes in.


Fabletics Store

There are a lot of companies that went from store to online, but Fabletics is one of the few that went the other way. They created a few stores in major US cities that serve people like you that want to get these awesome exercise outfits, but don’t want to always buy them online. There are several advantages to Fabletics having a store. The biggest is that you can try on the clothing you want and see how it fits. You can also get styles that aren’t found online, but only in the stores and take them home with you. This is nice if you want a new outfit from them, but don’t want to wait for them to send it to you.


There are many ways to get great exercise clothing like this. You only need to know you want something better to get Fabletics and all the great things they offer. They can give you great quality as well as styles you really want to wear. You may not just want to wear these exercise clothing options for just exercising. You may want to wear them for everyday as well and they have to be the right style for that. Fabletics is one of the few that can give you that and more with their clothing for exercise.

Larkin & Lacey: A Generous Fund

All human rights are exceedingly important and crucial for understanding the balance of the world we live in. There sometimes seems to be a veil stretching over the sky of freedom and liberty in the name of some misguided interpretations of justice. In this age it is critical that we fund organizations to actively pool resources to combat the false interpretations of the law and help those in need get their fair ruling. One organization that is involved in the Human rights is Amnesty international.

This prestigious group is involved in many different areas from modifying oppressive laws to freeing the oppressed for merely using their voice. They have a variety of torture justice programs which are effective at retrieving and rehabilitating victims of torture abuse, but also stopping the organizations involved in such horrific acts of war.

An exceptionally prominent advocate for all human, civil and migrant rights is the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund. Not only is it beneficial, but it also serves as an interesting example of how the constitution favors justice over the oppression of freedom and rights.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the Co-founders of Phoenix New times and Village Voice Media and have dedicated the settlement money to the cause of informing the public on awareness of any oppressive injustice. They also advocate many other causes and push for the sake of liberty and true justice.

After the arrest by Sheriff Joe Arpaio on charges of revealing sensitive information through their paper that they were being targeted by the Sheriff and a Grand Jury to confiscate their articles and notes. They even went so far as to request IP addresses and browser history from their computers. They were let go and the case was quickly dropped. They then acquired a settlement fee of over three million dollars.

This blatant act of disregard for the constitution resulted in the money being implemented into the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund to prevent this injustice from increasing. They have also generously contributed money and time into other issues such as freedom of speech and human rights within Arizona and the entire country.

It can be quiet hard to combat abuse of power, but through determination and the proper resources, anything is possible when the minds of liberty and freedom collide.

Through the Frontera Fund, resources are given to various foundations to increase their efficiency. This strengthens the collective network of activists who are striving towards an era of peace and justice beyond that of what we witness today.

Larkin is responsible more for the advertisement, whereas Lacey is involved as the executive director. Together, they are a formidable force in the activism world, and have used a large settlement sum to fund an organization of peace and liberty for all those involved in the cause.

The fund itself is indicative of great passion for serving true justice, and ensuring that those responsible for contorting the law are indeed swiftly brought to a screeching halt over time.

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Phoenix New Time
Michael Larcey | Facebook

Don Ressler and his Entrepreneurial Success

Mr. Don Ressler is one of the people who is responsible for the creation of one of the largest online stores based in the United States of America. Mr. Don Ressler created the brand of JustFab. It was later renamed to TechStyle Fashion Group. The name of JustFab was dedicated to one of the many stores that are under the umbrella of the company TechStyle Fashion Group.

The umbrella company consists of almost ten other online stores. The items that they sell include fashion for kids, sports fashion, adult fashion, shoes, gadgets, and more.
One of the latest achievements of TechStyle Fashion Grou is the creating of the new online store on It is called Fabletics, and it sells sports wear and sports gear. The brand of Fabletics was created and launched together with the famous American actress Kate Hudson who is also the face of Fabletics. She also modeled the clothes and the sports gear for the online store.

Read more: JustFab raises $85M at what sources say is a $1B valuation

Fabletics was one of the biggest success of Mr. Don Ressler. It had a hugely successful pre – launch campaign which involved a large number of social media influencers on Brandettes. They worked up the hype around the online launch of the store, and that drove an amazing number of clients in the first few days within the launch of the online store Fabletics.

Mr. Don Ressler is a widely successful serial entrepreneur. He is the man behind a large number of startup companies as well as online business such as stores and services offered online. He founded some of them on his own and other he founded in collaboration with other entrepreneurs. Some the online success of Mr. Don Ressler includes FitnessHeaven.Com and Intermix Media. Mr. Don Ressler also created a skin care company under the name of Hydroderm. The startup called Brand Ideas, which is a collaborative project was one of the most successful startups in the varied experience of Mr. Don Ressler.

He enjoys trying out new things and seeing them through to completion and success before moving on to the next exciting venture of his varied business career as an entrepreneur at

Dr. Clay Siegall: Finding Alternative Cancer Treatment Methods

Seattle Genetics is a biotech company based in Seattle specializing in developing therapeutic drugs for chronic diseases. The firm was founded by its CEO Dr. Clay Siegall in 1998. It has grown over the years to become a major player in cancer research. Seattle Genetics has expanded its drug portfolio to over 20 different drugs, and others are under development. The firm has also made other strategic partnerships with big players in the industry such as Pfizer, Bayer, Genentech and many others.

In an interview about what inspired him to start Seattle Genetics, Dr. Clay has a couple of reasons. First and foremost it was his interest in medicine. His desire to use medicine and technology to alleviate suffering and restore to health those who have lost hope due to the kind of diseases they are suffering from. This was necessitated by the fact that a family member suffered from cancer and the kind of treatment administered to him was so brutal that he nearly died from the chemotherapy rather than the cancer itself. Other reasons that drove him were money and need for recognition and being his boss.

Apart from helping the sick, Seattle Genetics makes money in different ways. First is through the sale of their proprietary drugs such as their FDA approved antibody drug conjugate (ADC). The company also earns revenues through production partnerships and by licensing and patenting their processes and technologies.

According to Dr. Siegall, the company normally does mega deals of millions of shillings. These deals are attained by dining, wining and spending a lot of time negotiating with their prospective clients. This is done by the company’s great team of salespeople with some background information in biotech.

About Dr. Clay Siegall

He is the founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics. Prior to founding the company, he was working at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Institute between 1991 and 1997. He also worked at the National Cancer Institute and National Institutes of Health between 1988 and 1991. Dr. Clay has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Zoology from the University of Maryland and a Ph.D. from George Washington University in Genetics.

In 2013 he was appointed the outside Director to the Board of Directors of Mirna Therapeutics. He is also a member of the Board of Directors in Alder BioPharmaceuticals. Dr. Siegall has authored more than 70 publications and had 15 patents to his works.


Brad Reifler: Moving From Success to Success

Brad Reifler can be described as a serial businessman who started his career way back in 1980, with a company he named after himself the Reifler Trading Company or RTC.

The company started off by managing discretionary accounts and went on to do information dissemination, institutional research, execution services and global derivative advisory.

Basically, RTC went on to become one of the most successful business in its field and it was sold to Refco Inc, which is one of the largest futures companies in the world. Today he runs another company he found named Forefront Capital LLC.

Mr. Reifler’s thirst for success was evident even when he was working at RTC. While working there, he found a second company called Pali Capital in 1995, which focused on the equity market, which also went on to become highly successful.

He ran Pali for nearly 13 years before moving on to do other things. He is considered a pioneer of sorts in the method of combining top-notch research and analysis and then using that information to train the sales team in how to make the proper pitch. It worked. Because in the time he was at Pali the company did well over a $1 billion in sales commissions.

Today, with over 30 years of experience in the financial world, Brad Reifler is a sought after consultant. PR Newswire stated that Brad Reifler has started yet another company named Forefront Capital. The company has several subsidiaries.

And through this company Brad Reifler continues to work with multinational corporations around the world, where he gets to put his knowledge in dealing with financial problems, to use.

Forefront Capitals main area of focus is investment banking, market services, and investment management. In a nutshell, Forefront Capital is making life easier for investors wishing to get a toehold into various markets.

The New Role that Lori Senecal Will be Taking up at the rispin Porter + Bogusky advertising agency

Lori Senecal will be the new CEO of the Rispin Porter +bogusky advertising agency. Up until the appointment to the position, which she will be taking up in September, Lori has been acting as the CEO of the Kirshebaum Bond Senecal Agency. She will assume the new role starting from September this year. ED Borjedi will fill the position that has been left vacant. The overall head of the company, Miles Nandall, made this announcement. He stated that in addition to the new leadership role, Lori would be joining the board of directors heading the parent organization that hosts the company. Check out Adweek to know more.


In her new position as CEO, she will only be reporting to the overall president of the company, Miles Nandall. Miles congratulated Lori on her appointment, noting that she was the most suitable candidate for the position. He confided that they started looking for a way to expand the network last year, and one of the measures they came up with was to get an agency that would be dealing with the strategic growth of the MDC Network Specifically. He was pleased by the fact that the model had been started a while back and during all this time, Lori had been handling it, but in an informal capacity. What was impressive, according to him was the manner in which she had taken up the responsibility and made a massive success out of it for the past five years she had been on it. For more details visit Adweek.


The idea of creating the agency came from some of the managers who felt that it was the time the company started focusing more on their strategic growth. The ultimate goal of the company is to develop the capacity they need to ensure that they can make global pitches in the end. The experience Lori has with other businesses similar to the agency is the experience that she brings to the table, hence the confidence of the team that appointed her.


Her responsibility will include working with Andre La Coste who is the chief officer of operations. Lori Senecal was born in Montreal Canada. She started her school in Canada but got an opportunity to study corporate law in the US. She is married to Bill Grogan, and they have a beautiful family. She does engage in some charity causes when she is not working. She is an inspirational business leader in the community.


A Look At Some of Jason Halpern’s Property Developments

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern is a property developer that owns his own company, JMH Development, located in New York City. He develops high-end properties located in both New York and Miami, Florida. He is involved in both residential construction as well as the hotel industry.

One of the specialties at JMH Development is their philosophy on the preservation of historic structures. Many of his projects involve developing properties that are on the National Register of Historic Places. Many times the original purpose of the building is no longer relevant in today’s society. Jason Halpern repurposes these buildings using a technique called adaptive reuse. By using this technique the building retains its historical character while also having been updated into a modern building.

Aloft and Jason Halpern

One building that JMH Development repurposed was on 184 Kent Ave in Brooklyn, New York. This was originally a giant warehouse located on the river. It was built in 1913 at one time it was the location of the biggest grocer in the nation. Jason and his team at JMH Development redeveloped this into a luxury apartment building containing 340 units. The neighbors of the building are very happy with the building because it retained its historic nature but also brought in much-needed housing units and retail stores. The street level of the building has about 17,000 square feet of retail space occupied by stores such as Kidville and Soul Cycle.

Jason’s Own Time

Jason Halpern has another development that is currently in its planning stages. The are developing a Homewood Suites and Hilton Hampton Inn. This development is located in Long Island City, Queens. In addition to being a hotel it will also include 18,000 square feet of retail space. Construction of the building started in mid 2017 and should be open for business in 2018.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Thomas Juul Hansen and Jason Halpern

This isn’t the first hotel that Jason Halpern has been involved with. A number of years ago he bought the historic Motel Ankara. He completely upgraded the building and added on a new eight-story tower. The new hotel, which includes 235 rooms, has proven to be a popular location to stay at while visiting Miami Beach.

Larkin And Lacey Arrested In Phoenix

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were arrested from their house on the night of Oct 18 in Phoenix. They were arrested by a group of men who had come in unmarked cars and were shining flashlights on them.

Later they came to know that these were men from the Maricopa County Selective Enforcement Unit. They were arresting Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey for the crime committed by them of disclosing how a grand jury worked from the inside. Both these newsmen are also the co-founders of Village Voice Media that is the publisher of The Phoenix New Times.

It was based on something that happened earlier on that day. The New Times had published an article about a subpoena that had been received by them. It demanded the Internet addresses along with domain names of all those people who had made a visit to the web site of the newspaper.

This is not the first time that reporters have been jailed in the United States. But this is the first time when someone has been imprisoned for what he has typed.

This is regarding a story that has been going on for several months now. The Phoenix New Times matched this legal aggression coming in from the local authorities with their own aggression.

Jim and Michael filed a lawsuit that accuses the Maricopa County Sheriff, besides the county attorney as well as a special prosecutor. They are being accused of negligence, conspiracy along with racketeering in order to suppress the right of the newspaper to publish and the right of the public to know.

The Phoenix New Times is a part of 16 alternative weekly papers that include others like The Village Voice as well as LA Weekly. Since 1992 it has been busy in an ongoing battle with the County Sheriff of Maricopa, Joe Arpaio.

The county sheriff came to limelight as a jailer once he mandated that the charges under him should wear pink underwear. They had to eat green bologna. Besides, he had built a tent city where he installed a neon vacancy sign that glowed all the time.

All the inmates were supposed to live here. He is also accorded the charge of forming the female as well as juvenile chain gangs for the first time. He had transferred over 3,000 prisoners to their new facilities while they were only in their underwear. This scene had been captured by the television crews on their cameras. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Sheriff Arpaio has always been in the television news. Many of his prisoners have died while they were under his care. The East Valley Tribune had reported that nearly 60 jail inmates of Maricopa County had died since 2004 from illnesses that could have easily been treated.

He is also against illegal immigration. He is known to organize posses to sweep the Hispanic neighborhoods. He arrests anyone whom he suspects of being an illegal immigrant.

This is why the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is aimed at helping all the organizations that are striving for civil rights and human rights for immigrants all across Arizona.

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