David Giertz Explains The Risk Of Not Talking To Clients About Social Security

David Giertz is aware of the fact that financial advisors are intimidated by the Social Security topic. The Social Security ledger has more than 2,700 rules that need to be thoroughly understood in order to explain it to a client properly. Financial advisors have begun to gloss over the matter when speaking to retirees because of this. However, Giertz has done official studies at his firm which show that clients are leaving their agencies if they believe they’re not being thoroughly briefed on the topic of Social Security. Retirees stand to lose a great deal of money over the span of a retirement if they do not apply the benefit in the proper manner. This is why they are turned off by advisors who do not seem to have a firm handel on the Social Security issue.

David Giertz has spent more than 30 years in the financial services industry. His experience leads to the building of profitable growth for his clients. David was the President of Nationwide Financials Distribution Organization where he pushed the company’s revenue margin from 11 billion to 17.8 billion. Giertz was the leader of the Financial Institutions Bank Channel when it acquired the Warehouse Distribution Bank Channel in 2009.

David Giertz joined Nationwide in 1999 and took on the role of Regional Vice President. His office was based in Miami and covered seven states including Puerto Rico. David elevated the revenue margin by 40% during his time in Miami.

David Giertz worked at Citigroup prior to joining Nationwide. He was with the organization for 10 years and began as a Financial Services Advisor. David moved up to Area Director and eventually earned the position of Executive Vice President of Sales.

David Giertz is actively involved in the community and works with organizations such as the Board of Trustees at Millikin University and the Budget and Finance committee at Millikin University. Giertz also sits on the Board of Directors of the Girl Scouts of Broward County.

David Giertz has a splendid education that includes degrees from Millikin University and the University of Miami.

Michael Lacey – The Great Arithmetician

Micheal Lacey is an exceptionally talented individual. This fact is for a number of different reasons. First, Lacey has been working in academia for nearly three decades.

This long tenure is no small feat by any standard. Second, Lacey is an individual that is completely devoted to the sciences. While Lacey has always found time to balance his professional and personal life, academics have clearly always been at the forefront of his mind.

Third, Lacey has consistently proven himself as an exemplary professional, as well as an individual. Beloved by his contemporaries and his students, Lacey is a role model in many regards. In conclusion, Micheal Lacey is an exceptional example of a mathematician and one that any up-and-comers should strive to emulate. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey |Math Alliance

Lacey has an impressive number of accomplishments under his belt. To begin, Lacey has proven himself to be a master of several different facets of mathematics. The list is expansive: Banach Spaces, Empirical Characteristic functions, probability, Ergodic Theory, and even Harmonic Analysis are no stranger to Lacey’s genius. H

armonic analysis is especially impressive, as it is an area of study that has alluded many other mathematicians in the past. Furthermore, Lacey has proven to be capable of mastering subject regardless of difficulty or perceived intangibility. According to Lacey, no topic of mathematics is beyond his understanding.

Moreover, Lacey has mastered a staggering number of mathematics disciplines in only half a lifetime. Lacey has a larger pool of knowledge than most could hope to acquire in several lifetimes. To emphasize, Lacey’s work has had an enormous impact on the field, and it’s an impact that is still felt to this day.

Lacey has not gone unrewarded for his passion. An important fact to realize is the sheer number of awards Lacey has accumulated. A fellow of the American Mathematics Society as well as a recipient of the Salem Prize, Lacey is nothing if not distinguished.

Further, Lacey has held a position at the prestigious Georgia University of technology for over two decades. In conclusion, Micheal Lacey is without the cream of the crop of the mathematics world.

The Learning Curve of Google Adwords: How Having White Shark Media By Your Side Might Help You

When building your brand, your website, and developing your idea while sharing it with the world, you might come across Google Adwords, a very important tool for developers that are looking for

professional solutions for marketing and website management.

Right now, the Google Adwords is one of the best tools for the solutions that it provides, and, most importantly, it is the most accessible one in the market. The Google Adwords is the biggest service in the world for marketing. That, however, does not account for the fact that Adwords is not that simple and intuitive to use, albeit very powerful. Developers have a steady and scary learning curve when trying to use Adwords the most effective way, and having other programs and groups to help you with the journey is always recommended for a faster and simpler learning experience.

That scenario is precisely where White Shark Media enters, a marketing website with solutions for your Adwords experience. White Shark Media has received many praising testimonials addressing the team’s dedication to helping you develop your marketing skills while using Adwords.

The White Shark Media’s training to help you develop your Adwords skills is face-to-face with the requirements that Google has stipulated for users of the program. That means you will be ready to use the Adwords as soon as you finish your training. Coupled with that fact, this group also has some of the best agencies in the market backing their course up, which means you will be in good hands through the remainder of your contact with their team.

If you have not yet contacted the White Shark Media, you can visit their official website at {LINK OF THE WEBSITE}, and learn about the team and their different programs and solutions. They also have some tips and publications about marketing in general, so make sure to check them out.

Find out more about White Shark media: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wl25VsoZ6Kw

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s Transitions & More Within His Company

After making a great difference for over 75 years at Banco Bradesco SA in Brazil, Lazaro de Mello Brandao, age 91, is stepping down from his position as this company’s executive board chairman. Luiz Carlos Trabuco will be replacing Mr. Brandao. Brandao stated that he chose to step down because this organization needs a new board to ensure continuity. And even though, Brandao is stepping down from this position, he will still be in charge of some of the organization’s holding companies.

The Attributes of Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Trabuco is currently the chief executive officer. He is currently holding this position along with the new position until March 2018 when a new CEO will be elected. Trabuco has been a great asset to this organization for several decades as well. Also, he has been with the company since the age of 16 years old when he was a clerk. He then went up the ranks as a marketing director and more until his current positions.

He was recently recognized in 2015 by Isto É Dinheiro magazine as the Entrepreneur of the Year in finance. In 2009, he was recognized as one of the 100 most influential Brazilians. And in 2016, he was recognized by Forbes as being one of the best CEOs of Brazil. Also, he earned a degree from the Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters of São Paulo de Marília. He also earned a degree in Socio-Psychology from the Fundação School of Sociology and Politics of São Paulo.

Read more on valor.com.br

The Meeting to Elect the New CEO

A meeting is scheduled for March 2018 in which a new executive president will be elected. Furthermore, the following are the candidates for Trabuco’s current role of CEO, executive president:

Alexandre da Silva Gluher
Alexandre da Silva Gluher- age 57, Gluher is the company’s head of risk management. He worked along with Domingos Figueiredo Abreu as a major force behind the company’s biggest acquisition in its history in which was the purchasing of HSBC’s retail unit in Brazil. Also, he’s been working for the company since 1976.

Maurício Machado de Minas
Maurício Machado de Minas- age 58, he’s been with the company since 2009, and he was working for CPM Braxis before coming to this company. He’s been an executive responsible for the company’s IT department.

Josué Augusto Pancin
Josué Augusto Pancin- age 57, he’s been with the company since 1975. He’s been responsible for the high-income segment and the branch’s network.

Domingos Figueiredo Abreu
Domingos Figueiredo Abreu- age 58, he has been with the company since 1981. He’s also been a major force behind the HSBC purchase, and he is responsible for the company’s credit and treasury departments.

Lazaro Octávio: Lazari
Lazaro Octávio: Lazari- age 54, he has been with the company sine 1978. He has been a major force in a third of the company’s achievements. He is the head of insurance.

André Rodrigues Cano
André Rodrigues Cano- age 59, he has been with the company since 1977. He has been in top management since December 2016. He is responsible for company’s human resources department.

Marcelo de Araújo Noronha
Marcelo de Araújo Noronha- age 52, he has been with the company since 2003. He is responsible for the card operation, the corporate segment, and Bradesco BBI, their investment bank.

Search more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco: https://g1.globo.com/economia/negocios/noticia/sucessao-no-conselho-do-bradesco-foi-um-ato-planejado-diz-trabuco.ghtml

The Modern Technology in Securus Technologies – Wireless Containment Systems

Securus Technologies as an organization has implemented modernized methods on the correctional facilities with an aim to creating a new look. The effort that the company has put has enabled the prisoner to have communication while they are still held with their families. The areas that the organization has focused its attention are the inmate’s communication and the parole tracking. The government has stood a better chance as a beneficiary of the technology that has been conceptualized by the firm in the sense that they can source the sensitive information through it. Currently, the Securus Technologies dedication in transforming the society through the services that are delivering via the correctional facilities has extended to more than 2600 centers across the United States. The move by the company has attracted attention and support of many in that it is one of the companies that has played a significant role in connecting the inmates with the society. The person who is steering the operations the Securus Technologies at the top post is Rick Smith. He is a committed leader with good experience in the field of technology and management. He has served in many companies prior his idea of coming up with Securus Technologies. His skills in the arena of technology were boosted with his educational background in the field of electrical engineering.

Securus Technologies has made itself stable in 45 states presently. Several systems have to stand an upper hand to benefit from the steps that the firm is taking in the correctional centers. The immediate one is the law enforcement bodies. The system uses the data from the company to counter that factors that are contributing to the ill of drugs that have taken the better part of the society.

All the facilities that are crucial for the running of the Securus Technologies operation are modern, and they have been patented by the organization. The total worth of these amenities is $600. The aimed that the company is driving at currently is to warrant that the use of the contraband cell phones in the community is put aside. The firm has placed itself at a vantage place through the invention of the Wireless Containment Solution which is deemed crucial in the management of the contraband cell phones. To achieve its goals through the utilization of the Wireless Containment Solution, the company has acquired trained staff who are running the operation of managing the contraband cell phones through that application. The firm has a perfect software that is used in tracking the items that have been stolen and even the firearms.

Securus Technologies has made the inmates feel connected to the society through their platform that allows them to communicate with their relatives and have access to the mail services.



Omar Boraie is New Brunswick’s Savior

As our world continues to be taken over by the political correctness storm, it seems that the common people are beginning to target the richest in our country. People such as Chief Executive Officers, corporate leaders, and those of the upper class, are becoming the focus of hateful comments. The common people think of the rich are greedy and only look after themselves. While this may be true for some of them, it is not true of Omar Boraie.


Omar Boraie has done more for southern New Jersey than any corporate giant I know. Through his work with the Boraie Development LLC, he has been able to revive the entire city. Just a look at the wonderful things this man has done is enough to restore your faith in humanity.


An article that was produced on the New Jersey stage states that Omar Boraie has partnered with them along with their business partner Provident Bank Foundation. Together these two corporate giants bank rolled a movie night at the New Jersey Stage in order to give 7500 families a night out together. This outreach brought families closer to their loved ones and left a positive impact in the neighborhood. The outreach was focusing on several Disney movies such as Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, and the Lion King. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Boraie Development LLC has been committed to southern New Jersey for over four decades. An article on NJbiz.com credits Omar Boraie with saving the city from near destruction. The article explains three ways that he did this.


Sam Boraie knew that if his area was to continue that jobs would have to come to the community. He was able to convince Johnson and Johnson to stay in the area since they were the largest employer.


Omar Boraie then created a confederacy of allies ranging everything from the mayor to the president of the Rutgers University to several nonprofit coalitions.


According to Press of Atlantic City, he was able to make the area of New Brunswick more appealing to business-minded people by creating thousands of feet in class A office space. This would appeal to people such as lawyers, doctors, and surgeons. Since they were available at such a low-cost, businesses jumped at this opportunity. Check out Press of Atlantic City to see more.


In addition to this, Omar Boraie created housing that would appeal to the upper-middle-class. This he mostly accomplished through his condo providing Aspire building which provides over 370,000 ft.² of modern accommodations.



See more: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/boraie-development

Riverdale Features Lime Crime Red Velvetine Matte On Each Episode with Cheryl Blossom

Are you an avid fan of the television show Riverdale? Do you make sure that you don’t miss one episode? Do you look for ways that you can pull off the Riverdale glamorous fashion look? If you are, you will be enlightened to learn that Cheryl Blossom uses some of the least expensive products out there. For instance, her luscious red lips are created using a product that you would spend about the cost of a dinner or a movie.

Cheryl is known for the lifestyle that demands a high percentage of money. She is known for everything fashion sense wise and what is in and what is not. She has to work hard to pull off some of the looks but the one that she does not have to work hard on is the look of rosy red lips.

Maybe you are someone who never considered the idea of playing around with red lipsticks. Maybe you are someone whose mother told them that this shade of red is not meant to be worn by good girls. If so, you will be delighted to know that this is simply not true. All girls must at least try it out at least once while growing up.

If you are interested in purchasing the same product that you see Cheryl wearing week after week, you will be delighted to find out that it is nothing more than Lime Crime. Maybe you want something to wear to go along with the rosy red lipstick. The new Angelic Collection would be a nice add on for the red lips. The limited collection is one that you should take time to try out as it makes you feel as if you are actually on cloud nine in heaven.

If you love a glossy look to your lips, the matte collection is not quite what you are looking for however if you still like the color and want to pull it off, you will simply need a tube of Nivea chapstick. The chapstick will give you the glossy look you desire with the red base that you want so badly. When Cheryl must pull off a kiss scene where her mate is left with a slight pucker trace, she turns to Nivea herself. She knows that otherwise, the color she applies will last all day in front of the cameras and for scene after scene.

Felipe Montoro Jens Expects to Carry Out 18 Infrastructure Auctions by the End of 2017

According to infrastructure projects experts Felipe Montoro Jens, PPI would hold 18 infrastructure auctions by the end of 2017. He added that there was not going to be any modification to the schedule.

According to him, the auctions, which began in September of 2017, would go on even as discussions were ongoing in Congress. He also added that the PPI was open to the private sector. This was especially so after major contractors were hit by Lava Jot’s pronouncement that major projects would shut down.

Challenges Faced

For productivity to grow in Brazil, there needs to be a modernization of the infrastructure sector. The secretary of the PPI said that there was a need to build governance on projects. After all, he added the country could not afford to be hostage to its fiscal budget.

He said that the PPI had created a hub with various ministries, which would select projects, which were attractive to the private sector. Felipe recalled an auction, which took place in April involving transmission lines. According to him, that was the largest transaction to have taken place in Brazil thus far.

The Aim

The aim of the PPI is to correct mistakes made by the government in private-public partnerships in the past. These mistakes usually occurred because of the State intervening too much in these projects. The result was usually an imbalance in project risk.

According to Felipe Montoro Jens, when the secretary was asked whether past mistakes by the government would affect decisions of foreign investors, the secretary gave a clear answer. He said that it was now clear to investors that the government would no longer interfere in the activities of private investors.

According to Felipe, the PPI had been doing quite well. After Michel Temer became president, the PPI held 44 auctions and was able to gain R $ 23 billion in investments.

Drew Madden And The Health Care Industry

There is an interesting battle brewing in the health care industry. There are the traditional companies on the one side, and Amazon on the other. It is something that observers of the industry have taken into account as they try to figure out things like where they should invest their money.

CVS Buys Aetna

A big piece of news that came out of the health care industry regarding CVS Pharmacy. They company announced that it would be purchasing another giant in the industry by the name of Aetna. This consolidation is seen as a good move for CVS, and it is also seen as a move to consolidate power within the industry as well.

Amazon To Get Involved In The Market?

There are always rumors swirling around Amazon and what they will do next. However, the rumors about them getting involved in the health care sector have a little more clout to them. This is because Amazon has in fact made indications that they are interested in selling generic pharmaceuticals. That being said, there is nothing finalized on this, so it is still just in the rumor stage at this point.

How Will Drew Madden Play This?

Drew Madden prides himself as a healthcare IT entrepreneur. He looks for ways to build teams and help everyone grow in their level of success in the industry and in their career in general.

He joined Nordic Consulting Partners in 2010 and served as the President of that company from 2010 to 2016. He grew the company up from ten employees all the way up to seven-hundred and twenty-five employees at present. He has shown himself worthy of all of the praise and awards that he has received over his many years in the health care industry.

Madden does keep an eye on developments such as the situations involving CVS and Amazon. He will certainly keep in mind the changes that the actions of these two companies will bring about. He wants to make sure that he positions himself and his people in the best possible situation going forward.

Talkspace: Stay Strong During Tough Times

If there is one thing that Talkspace has taught the world, it is to stay strong because they will help you or anyone else in that battle. Other agencies, therapists, or office buildings might have turned you away, but they are the one place that refuses to turn anyone away. In fact, they welcome and embrace every single person with nothing but open arms. It is the way they are wired, built, and designed. They pride themselves on it. They want to be the place that is going to say yes while everyone else is going to say no. They are an app that is also a therapist, if you can believe it.

It is all-true and it is all designed for those that need therapeutic help but don’t have the big bucks for therapy. Therapy by the hour is incredibly high in price and there are not many people out there that can afford it and can pay for it. That is why their 32-dollar a week for daily texts with a therapist deal is out of this world and people can’t believe it. Many have gone on record and said the help they have received from Talkspace is actually better than the help they received when they went to their old therapist with their fancy office and comfy couch.

This is great for people that are not big on leaving the house or maybe don’t have the car to go downtown for therapy. They can get therapy from their own home whenever they want it and whenever they need it. That is completely and totally up to them. However, whatever they need, it is right there for them and all they need to do is pick up the phone. It is easy, affordable, and very, very helpful.