Is Geolocation From LocationSmart Right For Your Business?

IP geolocation services from LocationSmart may be able to help your business in some ways that you may not have ever considered. More and more devices are being connected to mobile networks every day which means that there are potentially more ways to reach your customers where they are than there have ever been in the past.

Many business owners are surprised by the many different ways the services offered by the cloud-based location services company can be implemented to improve their own business.

The fact is, companies that aren’t using IP geolocation services from LocationSmart could be missing out on a lot of opportunities to reach their customers where they are. Knowing where a customer is when they are accessing your business’ online services can be extremely valuable information that is available using LocationSmart services.

LocationSmart was first founded in 1995 as TechnoCom Corporation. While some of the largest companies in the world use the cloud-based location services that they provide, smaller businesses and startups are taking advantage of what the company has to offer. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Crunchbase

Marketing is one of the most popular uses of the services of LocationSmart as companies are able to show customers advertisements that are specific to their current location when they are accessing your business’ online services or app. Some of the information that a company can share are promotions that are specific to certain locations, events, or available discounts.

The customized communication that businesses are able to offer through IP geolocation can offer a better experience for the customers while potentially driving higher sales for your company. By knowing the location of your customers through LocationSmart, your business can inform them of your hours as well as the services and products that are available in that particular area.

If the prices of different products and services vary between locations, geolocation can help to make sure that your customers are getting accurate information about the location they are planning on visiting.

Geolocation through LocationSmart will be able to offer different things depending on the type of business you are operating and it’s current needs. The geolocation services provider can help you get the best experience and benefits by customizing the platform to meet the needs of your company.

There are more and more creative ways to use geolocation that are being discovered by businesses around the world and the possibilities appear to be almost endless.

The services offered by LocationSmart are some of the most extensive in the world and they are the largest company of its kind. Technology is changing and now is the time to start looking into how using location services could help to grow your business and provide a better experience for your customers.

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Aaron Lupuloff and GCPS Foundation Are Passionate About Their School District

Aaron Lupuloff, the Senior Executive Director of the Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) Foundation, wants to improve the achievement of the students and to create the new leaders of tomorrow.

His passion to improve GCPSs partly comes that five of his children have graduated from Gwinnett County Public Schools. He does admit that his wife played a role in their graduations. He also thinks that the arts program, athletic programs and academic programs at GCPSs played a part in their graduations.

The Lupuloffs focused on the success of their children as well as the success of the Gwinnett school district. Mr. and Mrs. Lupuloff were happy when their children doing well but would be to see the school district do well. The passion of this family helped create an academically-oriented community that would help locals support the public schools. Aaron Lupuloff thinks that the secret sauce of really good schools is to create a great community. When people embrace a message, they will want to help others, according to Mr. Lupuloff.

The assertion of Aaron Lupuloff has been proven due to the fact the efforts of the local people have helped support the school environment in reality. Teachers, parents, and students are not the only ones trying to raise funds for Gwinnett County Public Schools. Communities and businesses inside and outside the county are trying to help GCPS. 12Stone Church created a school drive that collected school supplies for children who cannot afford such supplies. This drive has gone on for two years and in the second year, the church was able to increase the number of items donated by three hundred percent.

Wealthy community member, businesses, and local churches are not only ones that have been supporting school educational efforts. The Atlanta Falcons, an NFL football team, played a part in supporting the first-ever girl flag football team at the GCPS districts. This team was meant as an experiment to give girls in North Gwinnett area something to do after school ended and to see if it could on a state-wide level. The Arthur M. Blank Community Foundation, GCPS Foundation, and the Falcons are working hard to make this experiment work. To see more aabout Lupuloff visit

Igor Cornelsen Is Always Exploring The World Of Stock Buying And Foreign Investing

Some people have looked at the world of investing and seen it as a world full of traps and only being for the elite who have deep knowledge of finance. Some may not like it due to all the fees that brokers and financial planners collect, or because the stock market can cause sudden reactions from investors. But investing is actually a vital component to building savings for future endeavors. That’s why Igor Cornelsen is actively working today to help investors understand the benefits of investing.

Igor Cornelsen is quite clear that while investing in stocks, bonds or mutual funds certainly takes risk on your part, it is not gambling. Good stock buyers go into it very certain of what their buying and are able to avoid impulsive decisions. Finding good stocks isn’t about just knowing which stocks are currently hot. Cornelsen says you need to find low priced stock that comes from a new and innovative company, but you should look closely at their corporate structure and make sure you’re buying into a stable company. You also need to avoid the temptation to buy the shares in just one company stock and spread your portfolio around to allocate your assets and readjust it as needed.

Igor Cornelsen became the financial expert he is today through years of experience in Brazil’s banks. He managed the portfolios of both domestic and international clients, and he became a major consultant for Brazil’s Finance and Economics government department. Today he’s retired and usually takes up blogging and tweeting about investments as purely a hobby. But he does encourage American investors to learn about what Brazil has to offer and consider investing in that country. It does take some familiarity with their securities trading laws, and you do need to pay attention to politics, but Cornelsen says it’s certainly worth it.

LocationSmart Expands Its Vision To Canada

On November 7, 2018, LocationSmart announced it was expanding its services to Canada. The services included in this will be short message service (SMS), secure carrier network location, consent management as well as other geo-contextual services. This expansion will allow for 90 percent of Canadian mobile users’ access to this platform if they choose to subscribe.

This platform is available for all the major wireless carriers and many of the secondary carriers. Once consent is received from the subscribers, businesses have the ability to locate the mobile devices in Canada in real-time without any further apps or software installation.

LocationSmart provides appropriate security and privacy to ensure information remains private and protected. This service works with numerous types of devices and improves the efficiency of the device. The real-time feature is extremely valuable for many reasons, such as roadside assistance, gaming compliance, toll-free call routing and transaction verification, just to name a few.

Mario Proietti, the CEO of LocationSmart, states that this expansion is very valuable to the Canadian customers and allows them to expand their market at the same time. They can provide better services to their new customers by creating strong business relationships with them.

LocationSmart serves Fortune 500 companies as well as small start-ups. They are the leader in Cloud Location Services for all connected devices. Their location services work with all devices both indoors and outdoors. They provide extensive privacy consent methods that allow for easy adoption by the end user.

LocationSmart has several applications that are useful to businesses. Companies can determine and track where their devices are almost anywhere in the world. They can tell where they are even when they are roaming. This feature is available both domestically and internationally.

LocationSmart also provides services that can help a company manage their employees. They are able to track the location of their employees at any time.

There is also the ability to communicate with employees about any important information about the job in real-time. Existing handsets can also be used without adding any cost. Employers also can determine if their employees are where they are supposed to be. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Crunchbase

LocationSmart allows customers to find the location of a business easier through (SMS) or text messaging. It is also very efficient at finding the brick and mortar location of new businesses, allowing for better accessibility to new customers. New customers are always important for new business success. They have to be able to find you.

LocationSmart has the goal of providing services to its clients, wherever they are, safe and secure locator services of all mobile devices. The goal is to improve business for the users as well as adding more efficiency to their everyday activities.

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Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie Outlines Future Strategy For Pizza Company

As the new CEO of Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie is determined to stake out the differences between the pizza he is selling versus “all the others.” In a recent interview, Ritchie said a lot of people don’t know that Papa John’s is the only major pizza delivery service that never makes its pizza crust from frozen dough. It’s “fresh-raised” and baked right before delivery.

Steve Ritchie also wants millions of people to know that Papa John’s sauce is never made from tomato paste or tomato concentrate. Rather, this company sources vine-ripened tomatoes from California central valley farms that are fresh canned. That, along with six simple ingredients, makes for a vastly superior pizza taste and experience, he said.

Speaking of experience, Stevie Ritchie believes that building on customer experience with his firm will be a key to its long-term success. He said that customers want delicious pizza, but they also want their experience with the provider to be positive from the first point of contact to the last morsel is eaten.

To that end, Papa John’s is investing in technology like never before. It plans to have the most efficient ordering and delivery system in the industry. That includes super convenient online ordering via smartphone or home computer. Steve Ritchie said they have also bolstered their rewards program. He noted that Papa John’s was the first pizza delivery company to implement a rewards program.

Steve Ritchie has been with Papa John’s for 22 years. His first job was as a pizza delivery man for $6 an hour. In 10 years he worked his way up to owning his own franchise. He went on to be named the company’s Chief Operations Officer. Now as CEO he brings the experience of a man who knows the business from top to bottom.

Who is Scott Gelb?

The founder of Riot Games, Brandon Beck, and the company’s co-chairman, Marc Merrill, back on October 13, 2017, wanted to return to developing games for which they had an unparalleled and rare passion. Read more about Scott Gelb at

Originally, Riot Games was launched in 2006. This was a way to publish and develop games for players and by players. League of Legends was released in 2009 and has become one of the most played games of the PC world. The company is based in Los Angeles, California and players are deemed to be the foundation and rock of the gaming community.

Riot Games is known specifically for its League of Legends. With multiplayers in the arena of online battle games, Riot Games became the flagship and standard-bearer for the newly formed gaming company. Read more about Scott Gelb at

Beck and Merrill needed someone special to take care of the daily operations of the business. Someone who would have leadership qualities and would also be able to oversee the overall management of this dynamic entity. It was time to call Scott Gelb to the helm. His experience and knowledge led him to become the Chief Operating Officer of Riot Games back in 2017.

Today, Gelb is still the COO of this well-known, all-inclusive company that’s focusing on creating equal opportunities, access to education for all and total skill development. Visit: 

Serge Belamant Contributions To Data Management Systems

Transparency in the world of data management is irreplaceable, and this reality is one of the reasons why Serge Belamant has spent years in developing tools in this market. He is now a household name in data efficiency, and according to pundits, he continues to be an integral part of this industry. His initial project on data efficiency and transparency gave birth to one of the most used concepts in the world — blockchain.

Thanks to his creation, different industries have changed their data management systems and therefore making these industries better. For example, Serge Belamant contributions to the medical world have helped the medical professionals to save lives and more importantly, have better projections in this niche. Belamant is also the first pundit to bring a revolution in the financial markets, where professionals in this market have different ways to handle data, and they have access to visualization tools.

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Apart from revolutionizing the financial and the health care markets, he is also keen on creating futuristic gaming options. In the last three years, Serge Belamant has created tens of innovative games, which gaming pundits believe will have an important contribution to the future of gaming. The main reason why he is keen on creating alternative gaming option is his understanding that there is a gap in the gaming world, and gamers want to experiment on different gaming options.

While creating a tool for a specific market, there are two things that Serge Belamant is keen on observing. First, he is passionate about creating tools that are simple to use, and more importantly, every creation must blend into the existing tech ecosystem. He is a believer that new technology should not be too expensive for clients. Second, he is keen on creating tools easy to use, and therefore, UI is an essential concept in his creations.

Lastly, he knows that modern consumers understand what they want, and research is, therefore, irreplaceable. The tech genius, thus, reinvests a certain percentage of his company’s profits into research. Through this policy, he has been able to master the market trends and more importantly, create concepts not definable by time.

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A CEO with determination and heart

As the CEO of a company that has served over 500,000 individuals and has up to 250 employees, Angela Koch is someone that leads with a heart, but a heart full of determination. She has to do this, not just because of the company she leads, the U.S. Money Reserve, but because that is the type of individual she is.

The U.S. Reserve is one of the largest distributors of precious metals in the nation and the company’s president, Philip N. Diehl, served as the 35th Director of the U.S. Mint, so it is essential that it be run with the utmost integrity and trustworthiness. Everyone within this company is knowledgeable and experienced so that you can make the best decisions when transferring a portion of your money from paper to precious metals.

Angela Koch is determined to do more than just maintain the company’s stellar reputation. As CEO she brings her unique experience to the table. Having taken positions at pharmacies, electrical companies and a Jewish Foundation she discovered how to learn from various people in different trades. Read more: US Money Reserve | BizJournals and US Money Reserve INC | BBB

She believes in learning all there is to learn about not only her role in a company, but alo all there is to know about that company and it’s role in the community. This is what she brings to her employees as well. Of course, she expects the job to be done well by herself and others. It has to be to bring the customers the best possible experience while benefiting the company.

Angela believes in her employees. Knowing they have been trained well, she is aware of all they can do without constant supervision. In her own words, “…without me, they can go out there and make really good decisions and drive the business. That’s what I want.” Her interest in their progress builds their character and makes a great company even better.

How does she accomplish this? Angela Koch does it by following three basic rules.

1) When making a decision don’t hesitate or look back.

2) Keep your life balanced

3) Know your personal strengths and maximize them.

She doesn’t believe in excuses, but with a heart full of determination leads her people and company to top.

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Genucel By Chamonix Targets Younger Customers

A change in the direction of customer demographics was decided by the leadership of Genucel by Chamonix. The company chose to revolutionize their business model by adjusting their marketing, business practices and target customer by viewing a younger demographic as a profitable niche to market to. Being a skincare company, Genucel could not help but notice that looking towards a generation of shoppers a couple of decades younger than the generation of shoppers they use to market to would be a good idea.

According to, skincare items were purchased by older women. Women looking to firm up their skin again. Women seeking solutions for wrinkles and crow’s feet. Women wanting products to moisture back into their skin. These women usually were middle age or elderly. TOday’s consumer of skincare products are twenty-something-year-old career women who see natural and sometimes luxury skincare as a need. The heads as Genucel gathered together and decided it would be a wiser decision to take the company down a new direction by speaking to millennial consumers.

Genucel eventually saw that millennial consumers are more knowledgable and aware of skincare products. They require transparency and honesty about the types of ingredients in the products they chose to buy. They demand for companies to have a mission and to stick to that mission. They prefer companies with missions that are focused on the well-being of the world around us. Genucel was able to meet the demands of millennials by creating products made of active ingredients and products that warded off premature aging of the skin.

Genucel has it all. If the skin is lacking firmness, they have formulated plant-based products to firm up the skin. If the skin is lacking hydration, they have created products extract from green tea leaves and berries to add hydration back into the skin. Products made with peptides help the skin to create collagen were created by their team at Genucel for people wanting more collagen in their skin. For those wanting an overall healthy skin care item, they have formulated many of their products with vitamins that nourish and moisturize the skin. Ultimately, this company has gone from marketing towards one generation to a younger generation that loves plant-based procut lines. To see more about Genucel visit

Nicole Kidman Revealed Some Big News About Her Daughters and Big Little Lies— Genucel (@Genucel) May 31, 2019


Aaron Lupuloff is a true community helper in every sense of the word. He is the Senior Executive Director of the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation, which does an enormous job helping not only students, but teachers, as well!Aaron Lupuloff has been helping the community to achieve new goals every year, and along with it students benefit from the Gwinnett County Public Schools- through his benevolent foundation! His view is to help deserving students with scholarships, contests, embraces teaching, and has a view that doing so will benefit the academic leadership of tomorrow.

Now, Mr. Lupuloff serves on other boards and foundations. His life is truly one of dedication and service. He is the founding and past board member of the Georgia Tech Parents Advisory Board. Additionally, he serves on the University of Georgia Disability Resource Center for Students, where he generously funds three scholarships for students! He actively supports Camp Twin Lakes, the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Partners Against Domestic Violence, and the Norcross High School Foundation. Moreover, these are just some of his works; the truth is there are many more!

On a personal level, Mr. Lupuloff earned his Bachelor of Business degree from the University of Alabama, and has diligently worked in the financial industry since 1982. He has been employed with prestigious financial services houses such as Bear Sterns JP Morgan, and Raymond James. Recently he has been affiliated with Fifth Third an expanding fixed income group.

According to, what is truly admirable about Aaron Lupuloff is that he gets things done. He analyzes the needs of the community, rolls up his sleeves, and gets things done. He believes in asking citizens for their ideas, and values their insights. He knows it is not just those who can afford to make donations who are important, but those who help in the think tank process. He hold whiteboard sessions in his foundations; this allows progress and advancement. Everyone is valuable and has ideas. One of Aaron Lupuloff’s favorite books is the Change Agent by Damon West. It teaches one how to have a positive effect on their community. We thank you Arron Lupuloff for your commitment to the community, and all of the benevolence you model for others. For this, many people have benefited. You are a credit to humanity! For more details about Aaron you can visit