Using Securus Technologies to Prevent Crimes in Our Jail

I work in our jail and see first hand how crime is on the rise between inmates and officers, visitors, and even each other. It can be a struggle each day going to work knowing that you might not be coming home to see your family because these inmates want nothing more than to take one of officers out. The inmates servicing life sentences have nothing to lose, and one second of distraction could spell real trouble.


To try and slow down the flow of drugs and weapons in the jail, we monitor visitor visits very carefully. One tiny weapon handed to a prisoner could mean serious trouble for the person on the other end of that item. Each day we spend countless hours just trying to keep every type of contraband out of the jail. That being said, these inmates seem to always have their hands on something that could really injure another.


We used to monitor the inmates calls with little success on the old call system, that is until Securus Technologies installed a new communication system that changed the way we prevent crimes in the jail. To hear it from Securus Technologies CEO Rick Smith, his Dallas based company and all 1,000 employees all have the objective of making the world safer for everyone. We decided to put them to the test.


Once I was trained on the LBS software, I was able to identify chatter between inmates that changed how we find weapons in jail. Listening to specific chatter, we discovered where the inmates were hiding these weapons in their calls, how they were getting their hands on these items, and even when certain threats were supposed to be executed. Now we have a jump on the attacks and have drastically cut down on the amount of violence in our jail thanks to Securus Technologies.


The History of Todd Lubar

The Baltimore area suffered tremendous devastation during the real estate crisis. To combat the negative outcome, Maryland changed numerous regulations. The new set of regulations is more consumer-friendly. Due to these changes, the number of foreclosures slowed and people began to gain more confidence and drive to become homeowners.

With more people wanting to own their own homes, people like Todd Lubar are beginning to like a Baltimore as a possible investment. Todd Lubar is a Syracuse University graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in speech communication. He’s always had a love for real estate related interests as well as helping others. So, after graduated in 1995, he joined Crestar Mortgage Corporation.

He started out as a loan originator. It didn’t take long before he realized that real estate is where he belonged. Although he’s fascinated with every aspect of the industry, he took a special interest in conservative mortgage banking. The skills he learned at Crestar served him well later in his career.

Mr. Todd Lubar always knew he would outgrow Crestar, so he began building his own relationships. He got to know dozens of insurance agents, CPAs, financial planners, and countless real estate agents. He stayed with Crestar Mortgage for four years. He still uses many of those connections today.

In 1999, he moved on to Legacy Financial Group. This decision was a major step toward becoming the man he is today. He joined Legacy Financial in an equity position. His new role allowed him to expand his lending capabilities. He often broker loans to outside investors as well as loaned as a direct mortgage bank. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

After spending years mastering all he could about mortgage lending, he started his firm, Legendary Properties, LLC. Legendary Properties is a traditional residential development company. They buy, rehab, and sell all types of properties for a profit. Their property types range from single-family homes to multi-family buildings.

What makes Lubar’s firm so great is the many relationships he formed before and after the launch of his company. He has an industry network that includes experienced professionals in all areas of the construction process. This network of professionals allows him to produce quality structures in a timely manner.

Over the years, Todd Lubar became involved with other business, including commercial demolition and scrap metal recycling. Now, his primary focus is helping Baltimore natives become homeowners. To know more you can search it on

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Financier –David Giertz

He grew up being a lover of finance, and he was lucky enough to have lived his dreams. David Giertz who is well known to his friends as Dave has been in the finance industry for more than 30 years where he has gained experience mostly on leverage plan, processes and how to build profit in an organization. Mr. David Giertz has been a leader in the financial sector and has held top positions in some of the commercial organizations including Nationwide Financial Sales and Distribution Organization where he was the President. David took the financial institution to another level by increasing its growth from $11 billion to $17.8 billion in profit revenue on

David Giertz always leaves a mark as well as positive changes in all organizations that he has been a leader. During his tenure as the President of Nationwide Finance, David led the facility to be a leader in the delivery of private sector retirement plans, life insurance, annuities, specialty markets, as well as mutual funds which were being operated through banks, independent brokers and agents, wirehouses and regional firms. According to David is a man who has been able to achieve a lot in life through determination, hard work, and passion; he is a certified coach with WABC who has also encouraged other leaders to be coaches in their business by certifying more than 100 leaders.

After the completion of his studies, David Giertz began his career serving at Citigroup where he worked for a long time gaining most of his experience in the financial sector. At Citigroup, David was the Financial Service Advisor, and he slowly climbed the career ladder to the Regional Director before being the Executive Vice President of Sales. David Giertz also participates in the community activities including being the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Millikin University. He is an MBA Holder from the University of Miami and a BS from Millikin University at

Bernardo Chua’s Business Model And The Advantages Of Utilizing His Service

Bernardo Chua is from the Philippines and has worked for many years in the multi-leveling market. He is the C.E.O and the founder of the Organo Gold. His business revolves around the world coffee and healthy tea. His central vision mainly deals with marketing and distributing the premium coffee and tea that is healthy in our bodies.

In the year 2008, he became the founder Organo Gold. It is a company that is known for the distribution of the healthy tea and coffee. Before becoming the founder of the business, there were two companies namely Organo Gold and Coffee Connoisseur. In 2015, he settled with the name Organo Gold for his business. It is an independent distributor but growing very fast.

According to Zoominfo, Bernardo Chua has had a significant impact in the community. In most parts of the world, his product is used widely. It has helped many regarding their health improvement and also offering a broad range of medical benefits. Learn more about Bernard Chua:

There are various advantages of using the Organo Gold tea and coffee. Some of the advantages of using his services are the following.

Boost of Immune System

The Organo Gold coffee helps individuals in boosting the immune system. The coffee will aid in fighting the viruses and bacteria in the body. It will fight all the impurities that can pose a threat to your body. For a long and healthy life, the coffee is natural and will greatly help to stay long. It is a secret to a long and healthy life.

Manage Heart-related Diseases

A common disease like high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure are related to the heart. The Organo Gold coffee was founded to save the lives of people. Many are suffering from the disease, and the coffee is a therapeutic way to go. The coffee and tea will prevent the chance of suffering from a stroke.

Prevent Inflammatory Disorders

A study conducted in the year 2009, it proved that the coffee could act as an anti-inflammatory. Some of the inflammatory diseases are allergies and arthritis.

Bernardo Chua Organo Gold Company came to save the people regarding their health. The taste of his product is just as you expect them to be without any harsh taste.

Wen By Chaz Hair Conditioner Being Put to the Ultimate Test

With a number of hair care products on the Guthy-Renker beauty market that promise amazing results, it can be frustrating when you pay top dollar and get minimal results. This is why one young lady who works at a hair salon and who tied everything with no success, decided to give the Wen By Chaz hair care line a real test to see if this was just one more in a long long of products long n promises and short on results.

To understand why she chose the Wen hair products, we need to look a little closer at the creator himself, Chaz Dean. Dean was frustrated too because he owned an upscale salon in Los Angeles that catered to the rich and famous, yet his products for sale were nothing to rave about.

Dean developed his QVC endorsed line of Wen By Chaz hair care products because he knew most hair care conditioners made use of harsh cleaning agents that only stripped away the natural oils in the hair and left them exposed to the elements. Add in the heat of the hair dryer to those exposed airs, and you wind up with dry, weak, and brittle hair.

So getting back to the story that originally was posted on Bustle, this young lady decides to take the internet on a journey with her and her quest to find a conditioner that works. Her hair is nothing spectacular, and she is not shy about letting us see pictures of her without makeup and flat hair each morning.

During this 7-day quest to find the right conditioner for her hair, she uses the Wen By Chaz conditioner each day and we see the results as the days unfold. When we finally get to the last day of her challenge, the results is everything that Dean talks about and why his list of celebrity clients grows year to year.

For more product information, visit the Wen crunchbase page.
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Anthony Petrello’s Commitment To Success

Taking a closer look at the most successful business individuals, one particular factor that stands out is that they are more than just their work. As a result of their success, they have more disposable resources within their reach which they utilize by giving back to the community. Among the successful people is Anthony Petrello.

Anthony, also known as Tony, is the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries Ltd. He took over as the CEO of Nabors in 2012. Nabors Industries was started in 1968 and is one of the most revered oils, geothermal drilling, and natural gas company. The firm has a workforce of around 27,000 employees around the world.

Before joining Nabors Industries, he worked in a legal firm known as Baker and McKenzie. While in the law firm he worked as the managing partner there and served for thirteen years with the company. Immediately after leaving the law firm, he joined Nabors Industries.

Petrello’s success in the world of enterprise indicates that he has a high educational background. He entered Yale University for his undergraduate program; he pursued a BSc. degree in Mathematics. Later on, he returned to the same University and earned an MSc. degree in Mathematics. Afterward, he went to Harvard Law School where he received his law degree.

Apart from his work activities, Petrello is engaged in some charitable activities such as Texas Children’s Hospital where he serves as a board member for the hospital. According to Tony Petrello, he is motivated to give back to the community because he sees the need and understands the challenges of those he assists.

Andrea McWilliams the Austin Texas Multitalented Political Fundraiser

Andrea McWilliams is a widely recognized woman in Austin Texas. She has been actively involved in raising funds for political campaigns and lobbying for support for candidates who have a real vision for the people. Andrea is articulate, and she has been able to defy all odds and succeed in a male-dominated endeavor. She is a resident of Austin, and she is excellent in analyzing all situations keenly before settling for a solution. She has been very interested in politics, and at 21 years she was a force in Austin politics. Andrea and her husband founded the McWilliams an agency that offers consultancy to citizens on matters of governance. From her outstanding excellence in her career, she has been featured by some of the US main media houses such as CNN, NPR, and FOX among others.

Her career has been very exciting, and all her efforts have never gone unnoticed. Andrea’s excellence has earned her some of the prestigious awards that include; Woman of Distinction Award which was awarded to her by the Central Texas Girls Scouts and the Texas businesswoman of the year, Austin 40 under 40 awards that reward women who have achieved success at a young age and the fashion award Austin Style Setter. Andrea is very talented in analyzing political situations, and various organizations have sought her advice on how different political situations would affect their operations. She is easy, and her clients can get along with her and get a solution to their political matters.

Andrea is excellent in raising funds to finance campaigns, and very many people in Austin Texas aspiring for elective posts have always worked with her to collect money from their supporters. She is very philanthropic, and she supports various community initiatives generously. Andrea McWilliams survived breast cancer, and this has motivated her to contribute her money to research on the best therapies for cancer that has taken so many lives across the world. Andrea McWilliams is also passionate about kids, and she actively supports children who are talented in different arts.

Crucial Details About Vincent Parascandola Endeavors

Vinny is a New Yorker holding high regard in the financial world. He is so passionate about his field, and even uploads videos, updating people on the state of affairs in the finance community. Individuals who follow his social platforms have opportunities to learn about how to maintain financial responsibility. Most people recognize Mr. Parascandola as a senior executive and vice president at AXA Advisors, LLC. AXA Advisors, LLC primarily serves the high net worth individuals. Vinnie’s influence in the financial markets has put him in the limelight quite a lot. AXA has become the ultimate choice for people seeking financial security and investment plans for their small enterprises.

Fundamental Truths About Operations at AXA Advisors, LLC

The package that AXA offers is suitable for all people covered by their products. Their financial professionals, among them being Vinny, help you break down your financial goals. Before rushing into making decisions, they always analyze the state of affairs in your case. This way, they can take easy steps in helping you understand various alternatives. They work together with you to ensure that you make an informed decision towards securing a more certain future.

They achieve that by following specific procedures. First they begin by identifying what your objectives are, so as to be able to balance your risk and reward. In their third stage, they will have understood your case, and therefore have the confidence to design you a perfect plan. Under family coverage, they take care of diverse issues. Among them include; life insurance, retirement plans, as well as brokerage and advisory accounts investments. By opting for their service, you automatically take a step towards securing the peace of mind.



AXA Advisors, LLC takes pride in their talented administration crew. Vinnie serves in an influential position and does a lot in ensuring redefined customer service. The financial market moguls have all it takes to guide you as they are highly experienced. They are used to assisting people to lead financially stable lives. As Vincent Parascandola teaches frequently, you only need to uphold discipline and responsibility. Again, they provide services that are suitable for your old folks.

End Citizens United Against the Decision of the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of the United States of America made a decision called “Citizens United”. As an answer o to that decision, the political action group End Citizens United came to be in August 2015. The goal of ECU is to pass a constitutional amendment and to have the decision reversed. In order for that to happen there needs to be a huge sum amassed. The End Citizens United political action group managed to gather more than 4 000 petition signatures from citizens of the U.S. and over 25 million dollars. The ECU group made a public announcement stating the names of the eleven Democratic candidates they support. Among those candidates is the former Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin as well as the Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado.



End Citizens United is one of the many political action groups. According to the communications director Richard Carbo, however, is a bit different from the rest. A political action group can stand out because of the people they endorse and because of the actions they take on in order to show their support. The End Citizens United political action group has definitely taken action in order to support their candidates. They have taken the initiative of setting up a way to spread the word about those they support. They utilized avenues such as television and radio advertisement, direct mailing, e-mails, polls, and so on. Most of the Democratic candidates the End Citizens United Group has shown support for have been a victim of dark money groups but are capable of supporting the cause of the End Citizens United and are more than happy to do so.



While the main purpose of End Citizens United is to pass a constitutional amendment, they also have hopes of enacting a financial reformation regarding political campaigns not only locally but in other states as well. The goal of the political action group, however, was met with mixed feelings by the wide public of the United States of America. Some believe that it is not possible for ECU to reach their goal because there has not been a constitutional amendment since 1992. Others believe that ECU would be able to achieve the passing of the constitutional amendment. Political action groups such as End Citizens United also serve another purpose to communications director Richard Carbo. He stated that such groups assume the role of a mediator between the open public and the Supreme Court of the Unites States. That way there is at least some communication established in order to pursue better decisions and a better future of the United States of America. It is of key importance for such kind of dialogue to exist between two of the crucial parts of a country.

Business Professional Josh Verne Advises Entrepreneurs In New Podcast

Josh Verne’s recent podcast on entrepreneurship provided practical suggestions for being an effective leader. Josh Verne has extensive experience in this area and has recently opened a new business where he puts these skills into action.


Verne shares that it’s important for leaders to have balance in their lives. He states that while most entrepreneurs focus a lot of their attention on professional success, it’s crucial to be just as intentional about success socially, emotionally and personally. When all areas of a person’s life are in working order, this can be professionally rewarding.


Josh Verne also points out that business deals and partnerships need to be beneficial for all involved parties. Business owners should be sure that a professional deal will lead to success on their end, and will also provide equal advantages for the other entities that are part of the deal.


The art of listening intently is also a point Verne brings up in his podcast. He reminds his listening audience that people have two ears and one mouth for a very important reason–it’s better to listen more than talk. When people are listening intentionally to their team members and employees, they are more likely to meet the needs of the group and boost overall morale.


Josh Verne’s well-known projects include being the founder and CEO of, a company he started with his best friend from childhood, Jon Dorfman. Verne also served as the co-president of Home Line Furniture, and recently founded, a content exchange forum for college students.